5 Best Sport Addons for Kodi 2017

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There are many good Kodi sport add-ons that stream all kind of sport content, however it is still hard to find live sport events, even if you’ll find them, you never know if they work or not. However live streaming is constantly getting better, day by day we get more add-ons available to choose from.

If you have a favorite Kodi sports add-on let us know in the comments below.

Best Sport Addon for KODI 2017

05. Sports World

Sports World is an amazing addon for football, Rugby, Tennis, Soccer etc. It has a lot of sports content.

How To Install Sports World Add-on


Deliverance is a great sport add-on for Kodi with Sports Live TV, Live Sports on Demand, Live Games, sports movies and special sport content. The Sports TV is in a great quality and with a great selection as well.

How to Install DELIVERANCE Add-on

03. WEB

WEB is a brand new sports add-on that can be installed through VIPSECRET Repository. You can watch Sports TV WEB, music TV, Movies / Brazil, and Adult Zone.

How to Install WEB Add-on

02. DC Sports

DC Sports is a new source to stream the best sports in UK and America. You can also watch Celtic FC Live And On Demand and DC World of Sports.
How to Install DC Sports Add-on

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01. NBA On Demand

NBA On Demand is a sports add-on for Kodi that is packed with NBA replays. You can watch NBA Highlights on demand from last year April 2016 to this Year March. So for those who really love sports, this is one of the best sports add-ons for Kodi to watch your favorites sports and teams.

How to Install NBA On Demand Sports Kodi Add-on

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