Best Kodi Fitness Workout Add-ons

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Kodi is mainly used for movies but is also can be used for many other feeds such as workout and fitness. There are several add-ons that are good for fitness videos and programs.

Here is a list of the best ones I have found.

Best Fitness Workout Kodi Add-ons

1. Enzo
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Enzo is a great Fitness Videos source. You can watch playlists / videos such as Body Groove Fitness Videos, Jenny Craig Fitness Videos, Abs Workouts, Melisa Bender Fitness Videos, HILT Workouts Videos, Motivational Fitness Videos and more.
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How to Install Enzo Kodi Add-on

2. Fire Fitness
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Fire Fitness is a great add-on for workout, created by Fire TV Guru Repository. If you don’t want to visit the gym this is the perfect Kodi Addon to do some home workout. It has a lot of videos including Fight Master Yoga, Yoga with Adriene, Workout Videos, Global fitness Network, Zumba Fitness and more.

Screenshots Fire Fitness
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How to Install Fire Fitness Kodi Add-on

3. Merlin Fitness
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Merlin Fitness is another great add-on for workout. It contains many workout programs, tutorials, motivation and guides from Zumba Fitness, Woman Workout, Total Fitness Zukka Lite, Tone it Up and more.

How to Install Merlin fitness Kodi Add-on

4. Pulse Fitness
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Pulse Fitness is a great kodi add-on that keep you fit and in good health with great HD content and excellent streaming.

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How to Install Pulse Fitness Kodi Addon

5. Pulse Workout
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Another add-on from Pulse developers, Pulse Workout Add-on is all about fitness, weight lifting, Zumba, diet tips, yoga and much more. It has instructional and motivation help that will definitely get you in a good shape and live a healthier life.

How To Install Pulse Workout

6. Physicality
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This Kodi addon streams content from YouTube. Physicality fitness Workout has a lot of Workout Programs, Tutorials, Motivation and some Guides for Gymra, Health Diet, Tone it Up, Body Rock and Steady Health.

How To Install Physicality

7. UK Turk Playlists
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UK Turk Playlists is another very popular Kodi addon that has Fitness section. It is widely used for Movies, Drama, Tv-Shows, Turkish movies, documentaries, stand up comedy, concerts, cartoons, favorites section and Radio, however there are also Sports and Fitness sections.

How to install UK Turk Playlists Kodi Addon


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