Best Kodi Repositories for September 2017

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Kodi’s indie add-on landscape is always changing. In order to help our readers stay up-to-date, we’ve decided to review our favorite repositories every month.

This month’s repository list features perennial picks Ares Repository, Kodil, Noobs and Nerds, Mucky Duck and Smash. We also added Colossus, C0LDFIRE’s repository Agent 47 and the new version of TVAddons to our watch list.

Two Ways to Install a Kodi Repo

There are two main ways to install a Kodi repo.  One of the best ways is to use your web browser to download the installation files to your hard drive.  The other way is to use Kodi itself to download the file instead.

If you use a PC or laptop to run Kodi, the first way is the best way.  But if you use a TV-box to run Kodi, you’ll have to use the second approach.

Please note that these are generic installation instructions. Specific instructions for each repository will follow further down the article.

If you have a laptop/desktop PC

  • Download the repository zip file
  • Open Kodi and click add-ons
  • Click the box icon
  • Open the zip file from within Kodi via the install from zip menu

After a few seconds, a popup message will appear to let you know that the installation is complete.  After you see the popup, you can access the repo via install from repository. Once you’re in the repo, you’ll be able to browse all kinds of different add-ons and install whichever ones you want to get.

If you have a Tv-box

  • Set up a file source in Kodi’s file manager by going to Gear icon → file manager → add source.  

Here’s what the gear icon looks like:

  • In file manager, click where it says <none> to enter in the URL where the repository installation file is located.
  • Name the file source by clicking the box underneath where it says enter a name for this media source.

After you’ve set up the file source, it will appear when you open up file manager.  Just click the file source and choose the repository you want to install, and you’re good to go.

Verified Kodi Repositories (Last update: September 4, 2017)

As mentioned above, this month’s list features the following repositories: Ares Repository, Kodil, Noobs and Nerds, Mucky DuckSmash, Colossus, TVAddons and Agent 47. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s new with these repositories.

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Ares Repository

The Ares Project is a huge group of developers that work together to bring us lots of cool builds and add-ons. The group’s repository is probably the most important ones out there right now.

Via the Ares Repository, you can download the essential add-on installer called Ares Wizard. Ares Wizard provides super user-friendly point-and-click installation for a number of great add-ons that we’ve covered here on AddonHQ.  Ares Wizard is available in the program add-ons section of the Ares Project repo.

File location

You can install the Ares Project repository using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this article. Here is a link to the Ares Project installation file:

News and updates

This month we noticed that Ares Project no longer hosts S.A.L.T.S. (Stream All the Sources). S.A.L.T.S. was one of the most popular video add-ons a few months back, but it seems to be fading away. MoneySports, Goodfellas 2.0 and cCloud have been removed from the Ares Wizard add-on catalog as well. Also, Ares Project removed Nemesis from its builds menu.

Notable additions to Ares Project’s add-on list include a new version of the classic Kodi add-on Phoenix called Bennu and a new-and-improved version of SportsDevil.

Ares Wizard has also received an update. Now when you fire up Ares Wizard there’s no longer an awkward pause that occurs while the program loads. Instead, a branded loading screen appears.

Another major change is Ares Project’s new host. Previously, the Ares Repository was hosted on But if you go there now, you’ll encounter an error message. Their new repository address is


Kodil is kind of like an add-on thrift shop.  You might find some cool add-ons in Kodil, but you have to sort through all the junk to get to the hidden jewels. New add-ons get added to the Kodil heap all the time, but old out-of-date add-ons are allowed to linger and collect dust.

Even though there are a lot of junk add-ons floating around in the Kodil archive, this repo is definitely worth a look. It contains lots of rare add-ons that are diffuclt to find elsewhere.

File location

You can install the Kodil repository using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this article.  Here is a link to the Ares Project installation file (

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News and updates

Last time we looked at Kodil, it had 827 add-ons. In recent weeks, that figure has risen to 842. Notable additions include an Exodus fork called Gurzil and the new version of Phoenix: Bennu.

Notable add-ons

Noobs and Nerds

Like Ares Project, Noobs and Nerds is a loosely affiliated group of indie Kodi programmers. Noobs and Nerds doesn’t maintain their add-on catalog quite as well as the Ares Project does.  However, versions of add-ons that you will find on Noobs and Nerds are generally up-to-date.

File location

You can install the Noobs and Nerds repository using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this guide.  Here is the link to the Noobs and Nerds installation file:

News and updates

The biggest news from Noobs and Nerds this month is the removal of SportsDevil from Noobs and Nerds’ video add-on catalog. A new version of SportsDevil is now available via Ares Project’s Ares Wizard. All-purpose video streamer Metalliq has been removed as well.

Notable add-ons

Mucky Duck

There’s really only one add-on that’s worth downloading in this repo: Duckpool. Duckpool is a rebranded version of a classic Kodi add-on called iStream. Mucky’s other add-ons seem to have been abandoned.

File location

You can install the Mucky Duck repository using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this guide.  Here is the link to the installation file:

News and Updates

Mucky Duck’s Twitter timeline suggests that he hasn’t pushed out any Duckpool updates in a while, and the Mucky Duck repo looks pretty much the same as it did last month.

Notable add-ons


The Kodi developer known as Smash has been hard at work ever since TVAddons went down. His repository has several good add-ons including the Exodus fork Gurzil.

Installation file

You can install Smash Repository using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this guide.  Here is the link to the installation file (

News and updates

In recent weeks Smash’s new Exodus fork Gurzil has been catching on around the web. His add-on catalog looks the same, but in the programs section of this repo you’ll find an updated version of Smash Wizard.

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Notable builds


The developer known as Colossus hosts his repository on Smash’s website. Colossus contains a number of good add-ons, so we’ve decided to add it to our repository watch list.

Installation file

You can install the Colossus repository using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this guide.  Here is the link to the installation file (

Notable add-ons

Agent 47

Agent 47 is another new addition to our repository watch list. This rather mysterious repo is maintained by a well-known indie developer that goes by C0LDFIRE. C0LFIRE has worked on Exodus and several other high profile indie add-ons.

Installation file

You can find C0LDFIRE’s Agent 47 repository in the repository sub-folder of the Colossus repo.

Here’s a link to the Colossus installation file (

Notable add-ons

  • OpenHub
  • One2Three
  • No – Name


TVAddons is nowhere near as big as it was before it became the target of a massive lawsuit. After TVAddons came back online, all the add-ons that contained links to unlicensed streams were purged from the system. However, useful 100% “white hat” add-ons like FilmOn Simple and USTVNow make it worth downloading. Also, TVAddons’ developers seem to have worked out all the kinks in its famous Indigo installer tool.

Installation file

You can install the new version of the TVAddons repository by using one of the two methods described in the beginner’s section of this guide.  Here is the link to the installation file ( 

Notable add-ons


The last few weeks have been fairly stable for Kodi developers. All the repositories that we’ve been tracking are still online, and a few interesting newcomers have appeared on the scene as well. SALTS, Goodfellas and several other well-known and popular add-ons seem to be slipping off the radar. Additionally, the popular sports add-on SportsDevil finally got an update and now seems to be maintained by Ares Project instead of Noobs and Nerds. We’re also watching the newly rebooted TVAddons site closely to see if its new squeaky clean add-ons will catch on.

Which repositories are you using?

If you know of a good repository that we didn’t mention above, please drop us a line in the comment section and we’ll add it to our list.

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