Best New and Updated Working Kodi Addons List

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Best Kodi Addons Agust September 2018
Kodi Addons can work very good one day and the next not at all.
Since Addons come and go quickly here we list the top best working Kodi Addons and keep it up-to date.
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is much like an App to a smartphone expanding it ablities.
There are many available from sports and music to video Addons.
Sometimes also called plugins most are coded by 3rd party devlopers and are not apart of the official Kodi media center.
Kodi does have official Addon but the most popular are coded by third party Devs.
Below are the current best working Addons split into categories, along with links for how to install them.
Best Movie TV Show Addons
1. DeathStar
2. Maverick TV
3. Magic Dragon
4. Placenta
5. Neptune Rising
Best Sports Addons
Joker Sports
Aragon Live
Just Sports
Best Live TV Addons
Aragon Live
Best 4K Movie TV Show Kodi Addons
Maverick TV
Best Kids Add-ons for Cartoons and Anime Kodi Addons
Kids Nation
Best Music Addons
Best Fitness Addons
Health and Fitness
Best Kodi 18 Leia Addons
Neptune Rising
Best Xbox One Addons
How to Install Fantastic Kodi Add-on

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