Channel Master Teases Streaming Device for Early 2018

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Channel Master, the equipment-supplier for anyone who wants subscription-free television, has teased a new streaming TV box ahead of its launch in 2018.

The brief video appeared on Channel Master’s Facebook page and Twitter with only a subtle introduction “Something cool is coming in January. :)”

Channel Master Stream+ Beauty shot

The video is shot with low-key lighting and symphonic music in the background. The only words are “January 2018” and the product’s name, Stream+. Presumably, that means a launch before CES starts January 9. The video doesn’t provide any specs other than what we could tease from screenshots.

Channel Master Stream+ Ports

Taking a look clockwise from the top left, the back of the Stream+ includes an S/PDIF digital audio interconnect, an Ethernet port, USB port, DC input, HDMI port, and a coaxial antenna input.

Channel Master Stream+ Internal

The internal cutaway shows a fanless design for quiet operation. There’s lots of room for airflow to keep the chips and TV tuner cool. Internal storage is solid state so it probably won’t store DVR content. The DVR function could be cloud-based, but Channel Master’s existing DVR+ device relies on local networked or USB storage that you provide yourself.

Channel Master Stream+ Remote Control top view

The video shows a full-size remote control. You can’t be certain from the video, but it may not be backlit. The remote’s first beauty shot shows traditional TV controls with buttons for programming guides and DVR functions. The most interesting aspect of this is the “APPS” button. Cord Cutters News has stated that the Stream + will be an Android TV device, although a source has not been provided.

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Channel Master Stream+ Remote Control bottom view

The remote’s second beauty shot shows playback controls and numerical buttons. Note the microphone button in the lower right corner. That should enable voice control and search with Google Assistant.

What don’t we know? Everything else. This is Channel Master, so you can count on it integrating over-the-air broadcast signals into its interface and DVR (antenna sold separately). Detailed specifications of memory, processing power and included apps will have to wait for CES.


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