Crunchyroll COO on Netflix and Amazon’s Push Into Anime

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Anime has grown steadily in popularity here in the West. Amazon recently added an anime subscription service called “Anime Strike” for their Amazon Prime users while Netflix has produced titles like “Castlevania” alongside 30+ additional original anime series’ that will be released in 2018.

Even though these streaming giants are pushing into Crunchyroll’s domain, Crunchyroll remains confident about their platform.  “We’re perfectly thrilled if more users around the world discover or become curious about anime through one of the larger global streaming [platforms],” Crunchyroll COO Colin Decker told Inverse. “That’s great, because that’s good for anime. And what we know is that anyone who really wants to go deeper is going to end up at Crunchyroll eventually. And this is simply for the reason that we have it all.”  Crunchyroll has a library with 1,022 anime titles to select from while Netflix and Amazon only have 95 and 149, respectively.


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