How to Turn Fingerprint Security On and Off Samsung Galaxy S9

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This tutorial shows how to turn fingerprint Passcode On and Off for the Samsung Galaxy S9

How To Turn Fingerprint Security On and Off Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. From the top pull down and go to Settings.


  3. From Settings scroll down until you find Lock and Screen option.


  5. From lock and screen option click where it says Fingerprint Scanner.


  7. Wait for the Top-right notification: a message before you set up fingerprint security set up a backup just in-case you have issues with your fingerprints otherwise click continue.


  9. From security screen lock select Pattern.


  11. You will need to create a pattern you want to choose from and then click Continue.


  13. Before you register your fingerprints by swiping.


  15. You will need to swipe your finger.


  17. It will show the fingerprint was added Click Done.


  19. To unlock your phone you will now need to verify your identity.


  21. You will need to verify by swiping your fingerprint down.


  23. After thew fingerprint was recognized it is all set and ready to use.


  25. Once you are done you can add and rename your fingerprint.


  27. From your Samsung Galaxy home screen you will need use fingerprint to unlock the device from now on.


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