How To Turn the Alarm On or Off Samsung Galaxy S9

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If you need to turn on or off the alarm on a Samsung Galaxy S9 is is easy to do.

Below are the steps to set up the alarm on a Samsung Galaxy S9.
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How To Turn Alarm On or Off Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. From your Samsung Galaxy S9 phone screen go to the Clock App and click it.


  3. From clock app there is no set alarms set but one can be setup.


  5. Another option is to home screen press and hold until you see this screen pop up and select the widgets and click it.


  7. From widgets options click where it says clock.


  9. There is clock option that we can select the alarm option.


  11. To use it quickly later press and hold it and drop it to your home screen.


  13. To set your alarm you can set whatever time you like, there is also a date option if you want specific date for the alarm to go off and select anything you like that you needed to go.


  15. An Alarm Name can be set up such as work for quick set up later.


  17. There is also a Snooze Option.


  19. The next option is intervals 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes and repeat times 3, 5 and continuously.


  21. You can also choose alarms sounds to wake you up or vibration.


  23. If you want to get rid of it go back to clock settings and then from Clock App settings go on the top right hand and click it. It will give you option of which alarm you want to delete.
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