How to Watch BET Soul Live Without Cable in 2020

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You can watch BET Soul live without cable with any of these streaming services: fuboTV or the BET Play app. Philo and AT&T TV NOW don’t carry BET Soul yet, but you can use both services to stream the main BET channel and both unlock the BET NOW app. In this article, we’ll help you decide which streaming option is best for you. Let’s get started!

Before we start, we want to highlight a particularly relevant stream in these uncertain times. Sling TV is one of the best options for streaming in 2020 with a rich catalogue of 50+ live channels and 50k+ on-demand movies and episodes.

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fubotv streaming a&e ae cable alternative cord-cutting
Source: fuboTV

Athletic competition is fuboTV‘s main focus. You get all kinds of mainstream and niche sports channels when you join. In fact, half the channels you get when you subscribe are related to sports. However, many other kinds of channels are being added to the service as well. fuboTV is the only streaming service that has all of BET’s music channels. Both BET Jams and BET Soul are available via fuboTV’s fubo Extra channel pack. The female-oriented BET Her channel comes with the add-on, too.

fuboTV Pricing and Packages

Most streaming services use various subscription plans to offer different channel packs, but fuboTV’s subscription menu is a little bit different. The main difference between fuboTV’s plans has to do with features. The cheapest plan is fubo Standard, which comes with a limited version of the DVR and restricted account sharing features. The next step up is fubo Family, which only costs a few dollars more and comes with an extra simultaneous stream and the DVR upgrade add-on. fubo Ultra is the most expensive plan you can get and it comes with all the upgrades and the fubo Extra channel pack. 

If only one feature interests you– like the fubo Extra channel pack that comes with BET Soul, for example– you can buy it separately as a standalone add-on. In other words, instead of going straight for fubo Ultra, you can get fubo Standard with the fubo Extra add-on pack. That will give you the ability to watch BET Soul and all the other channels included with fubo Extra. You won’t get all the feature upgrades included with fubo Ultra if you go that route, though.

7-day free trial
$54.99/ month

92 channels

2 simultaneous streams

30 hours of DVR space


Sports Plus add-on

7-day free trial
$59.99+/ month

92 channels

3 simultaneous streams

500 hours of DVR space


Sports Plus add-on

7-day free trial
$69.99/ month

92 channels

2 simultaneous streams

500 hours of DVR space


Sports Plus add-on

7-day free trial
$84.99/ month

113 channels

3 simultaneous streams

500 hours of DVR space

SHOWTIME included

Sports Plus add-on


*Note that in order to see the Family, Entertainment, and Ultra plans, you need to first press “Start Free Trial.” After you create an account, you’ll see all of these plans.

Learn more about fuboTV’s subscription plans here.

fuboTV Channels

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to purchase the fubo Extra add-on pack to get BET Soul. Other popular cable channels that come with the add-on include Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Game Show Network, BBC World News, NBA TV, NHL Network, People TV, Newsy, CNBC World, Stadium One, Discovery Life and MTV Classic.

You can see a full channel list here.

fuboTV Supported Devices

There are no significant gaps in fuboTV’s list of supported apps. Because all the major streaming devices have fuboTV apps, you won’t have any trouble accessing fuboTV on any platform. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast and Android TV are all supported. iOS and Android– the two most popular mobile operating systems– both have fuboTV apps, as well.

You can learn more about fuboTV’s supported devices here.

fuboTV Simultaneous Streams

fuboTV is one of just a handful of streaming services that starts you out with just two simultaneous streams. Two streams is in most cases enough capacity for a family of three or four, but you may need an additional simultaneous stream if you plan on sharing your account with several friends or if you have a large family. For more flexibility, you can upgrade to three streams by purchasing one of fuboTV’s premium plans or the three stream standalone upgrade.

You can learn more about fuboTV simultaneous streams here.

fuboTV DVR

The maximum DVR capacity is 500 hours, but you start out with 30 hours. You’ll need to either purchase the DVR upgrade or order one of the premium plans that comes with it to boost the base recording limit.

You can learn more about the fuboTV DVR here.

fuboTV On-Demand Library

Like most live TV-oriented streaming services, fuboTV’s on-demand catalog is somewhat small. Aside from the content from the streamer’s in-house sports news channel fubo Sports Network, it doesn’t own the full rights to any of the content that it offers. As a result, the on-demand content doesn’t remain in the library for long.

You can learn more about the fuboTV’s on-demand library here.


Aside from fuboTV, the only way to stream Bet Soul is through BET Play. However, there’s a catch: BET Play is only available overseas. The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand and Brazil are the only supported countries at the moment. The app likely uses geolocation to detect where you are and block those who are located outside the areas of availability.

If you can access BET Play, though, it’s a great deal. The subscription cost is extremely cheap. In addition to the BET Soul live feed, you can also watch on-demand episodes of Being Mary Jane, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Chasing Destiny, Zoe Ever After and other BET shows through the app.

philo watch ae without cable
Source: Philo

Philo doesn’t offer BET Soul, but it does carry BET. Out of all the premium paid live TV services, Philo is by the cheapest. There’s a reason for that: Philo can afford to offer the lowest prices because it doesn’t carry any sports channels. But if you’re not into sports anyway, you probably won’t care. Some cord-cutters use Philo in combination with a TV antenna to replicate the cable TV experience.

Philo Pricing and Packages

When Philo first came out, we immediately noticed that it was trying to do something very different from what the other streamers were doing in terms of pricing. Typical streaming services start out with very low prices as part of a strategy to quickly gain a large number of subscribers. Then, they use gradual price increases to boost the bottom line. Philo, however, seems to be committed to its current price structure. If your primary reason for cutting the cord is cost savings, Philo could be your best bet.


60 Channels
7-day free trial
$20.00/ month

60 channels

Starz and Epix add-ons

3 simultaneous streams

30-Day DVR



As mentioned earlier, BET Soul is not part of Philo’s lineup. However, BET is– and so is BET Her. Unfortunately, neither of those channels play music videos anymore. MTV and VH1 are also included with the base plan, but both of those channels have also shifted away from music and toward reality programming in recent years. On the plus side, MTV Classic, MTV Live and MTV2 are a part of the package. All three of those channels do still air music videos. MTV Classic doesn’t currently have any soul music video blocks, but they do play hip hop videos on a regular basis.


The most recent upgrade to Philo’s channel menu was the addition of premium movie channel add-ons. There are two different movie channel add-ons you can buy: Starz and Epix. Both add-ons come with three movie channels apiece. Epix, Epix Hits and Epix 2 are the three channels that come with the Epix pack. You get Starz, Starz Encore and Starz Kids and Family when you get the Starz add-on.


For more information on Philo channels, check here.

Philo Supported Devices

The makers of Amazon Fire TV recently integrated Hulu with Live TV right into its interface. Philo has apps for all the other most popular mobile platforms and streaming devices, as well.

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV (4th gen and up), Amazon Fire TV (all models), Chromecast and Roku (all current models)
  • Smart TVs: Android TV (5.0 and up)
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android, iOS 
  • Game consoles: None
  • Desktop browsers: Most Mac and PC browsers

Check herefor more information on Philo’s supported devices.

Philo Simultaneous Streams

Philo has excellent account sharing features compared to other streaming services. Some streamers start you out with two streams and then force you to purchase an upgrade to unlock a third stream, but Philo gives all subscribers access to three streams. That’s more than enough account sharing flexibility for most people.


To learn more about Philo’s simultaneous streams,click here.

Philo DVR

Philo is one of the only streaming services that offers unlimited recording. PlayStation Vue used to offer this, but it shut down several months ago. YouTube TV is the only other streaming service that lets you record as much content as you want. All the other competing streamers impose DVR limits on their subscribers.


Check here to learn more about Philo’s DVR.

Philo On-Demand Library

The 72-hour Rewind feature is the on-demand catalog’s core feature. You can’t rent or buy movies through the service yet, but you can record movies to your DVR if you get the new movie add-on packs. Some movies are available on-demand.


Click here to learn more about Philo’s on-demand library.


Source: AT&T TV NOW

When AT&T’s AT&T TV NOW first debuted, we weren’t sure where it fit into the market. When it first came out, the service was called DirecTV Now. Its features were basic and it only had a few channels that weren’t available elsewhere. The only thing that the service had in its favor were its low prices, but that changed when it implemented dramatic price hikes and rebranded to AT&T TV NOW. Fortunately, several important feature updates came with those price increases. The recent debut of HBO Max adds significant value, as well. None of the plans come with BET Soul, but they all come with BET.

AT&T TV NOW Pricing and Packages

Even though AT&T TV NOW’s Max plan is somewhat expensive relative to plans from other streamers, it might make sense for you if you’re in need of an on-demand streaming service. HBO Max– which comes with the Max plan– gives you full access to every HBO show and movie ever made and Max Originals. The Plus plan costs about the same as budget subscriptions from other streamers.

For more information about AT&T TV NOW plans, click here.

AT&T TV NOW Channels

The core channel lineup covers a range of channel categories, from sports to family entertainment to casual TV and more. Various add-ons let you get more channels. 

Click here to see the full list of AT&T TV NOW channels.

AT&T TV NOW Supported Devices

AT&T TV NOW has apps for most devices:

  • Living room devices: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku.
  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players: None.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android and iOS.
  • Game consoles: None.
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome and Safari.

Click here to learn more about devices that work with AT&T TV NOW.

AT&T TV NOW Simultaneous Streams

Since all subscribers get three simultaneous streams without having to buy any additional upgrades, AT&T TV NOW is ahead of the pack here.

To learn more about AT&T TV NOW’s simultaneous streams, click here.


You get 500 hours as soon as you join. It’s not unlimited storage, but it’s more than enough capacity for most people.

Click here to learn more about how AT&T TV NOW’s DVR works.

AT&T TV NOW On-Demand Library

You won’t have any complaints in this department if you get HBO Max, which comes with every single HBO title ever produced and a slew of exclusive originals. Without HBO Max, you’ll be limited to recently aired TV shows.

Click here to learn more about AT&T TV NOW’s on-demand library.

How to Watch BET Soul on Amazon Fire TV

You can watch BET Soul Amazon Fire TV with one of these streaming services: fuboTV or the BET Play app. Simply go to the Amazon Fire TV app store and click whatever live TV service appeals to you the most– or try them all.

How to Watch BET Soul on Roku

You can watch BET Soul on Roku with one of these streaming services: fuboTV or the BET Play app. The process of installing a Roku app is the same as installing a smartphone app. Just look up the app you want to try and complete the sign-up process to get going.

How to Watch BET Soul on Apple TV

You can watch BET Soul on Apple TV with one of these streaming services: fuboTV or the BET Play app. Apple’s app store has them all, so try them out for yourself and compare.

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