How to Watch E! Without Cable

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If you’re a fan of reality TV and Hollywood in general, there’s no replacing E! This unique, entertainment-based network delivers shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, E! News, and Total Divas. If you want to watch E! without cable, but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 6 ways to watch E! without cable. Let’s get started.

E! and the Rise of Internet TV

Even just a few years ago, there was no way to legally stream cable networks like E! without cable. You needed to either watch them on your TV, or use your cable TV provider’s login information to watch online.

Today, though, you have another alternative. As Americans continue to cut the cord, TV networks are looking for new ways to make money.

One of the newest innovations in cable is the rise of the “skinny bundle” internet TV service. These services provide you with a limited selection of cable channels. They range in price from about $20 at the low end to $70 at the high end, and are available “month-to-month” with no long-term subscriptions or cancellation fees.

Examples of these services include Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and fuboTV. With a skinny bundle service, you can get the channels you want – for much less than a cable subscription.

Best of all, every internet TV service on the list below will allow you to use your login credentials like a cable subscription to access the E! Now streaming website and mobile app, and watch E! On the go.

Here is an overview of your top 5 options for watching E! without a cable subscription, using internet TV.

DirecTV Now streaming cable alternatives e entertainment television cord-cutting

DirecTV Now offers a great selection of channels, but is a bit lacking when it comes to features. Here is what you need to know.

Plans, deals and pricing


DirecTV Now offers 4 different subscription tiers, so you can choose which channel package is right for you. E! is included in the least-expensive “Live A Little” package.

For the price, the “Live A Little” package is a great deal. It also includes other entertainment networks like VH1, Viceland, MTV and MTV2, and Bravo.

DirecTV Now is also running quite a few different promotions. Currently, you can pre-pay for 1 month of DirecTV Now to get a free Amazon Fire TV. You can also pay for 3 months of service in advance, and get a complimentary Apple TV 4K. These deals will probably change in the future, so make sure to check the DirecTV Now website to see which promotions are currently running.


While DirecTV Now does have great channels, its features are a bit disappointing. Since its launch, users have had no DVR service, for example. A DVR beta is ongoing, and DirecTV Now says they will be releasing a 20-hour free DVR “soon”, there has been no clear announcement of when users can expect to get DVR service.

The same goes for simultaneous streams. You can only stream on 2 devices at once, and though DirecTV Now claimed that they would increase this to 3 devices sometime in the spring, they have not announced a solid date for this upgrade.

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DirecTV Now does have really good platform support, though. You can watch it on almost any streaming device, from the Apple TV to the Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, your web browser, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

If you’re interested in the service, you can give it a try with a free 7-day trial at the DirecTV Now website.

Shortcode TV Subscription Desktop Directv black 700px

e entertainment television without cable watch streaming cord-cutting internet tv

Sling TV is the oldest internet TV service out there, and has millions of subscribers despite its very confusing streaming packages.

Plans, deals and pricing

Sling Orange Sling Blue Sling Orange + Blue
Price $20 $25 $40
Channels 30 45 50
Simultaneous Streams 1 3 4*
ESPN Yes No Yes
Fire TV Support Yes Yes Yes
Roku Support Yes Yes Yes

* You get one stream with Sling Orange and up to 3 simultaneous streams with Sling Blue.

As you can see, Sling TV does things differently than most other internet TV services.

You can choose to subscribe to Sling Orange for $20/month, and you’ll get about 25 channels, depending on your location. You can subscribe to Sling Blue for $25/month, and you will get 40+ channels, as well as some expanded features.

Finally, you can combine both Orange and Blue for 50+ channels, for a $40/month fee. There is a fair amount of channel overlap between both packages.

Where things get really confusing is with the “extras” and “minis” available from Sling TV. You won’t get E! in either Sling Orange or Sling Blue. You will get it in the $5/month “Lifestyle” add-on package.

But the lineup of channels in this package varies, based on whether you have Sling Orange or Sling Blue. You can only get E! if you have Sling Blue or Orange + Blue. If you only have Sling Orange, the “Lifestyle” package will not include E!


The features of Sling TV vary, based on whether you choose the Sling Blue or Sling Orange package.

Sling Orange allows you to stream on only 1 device at once, which is very restrictive. However, you can use your Sling login on many cable networks, which makes it a bit easier to share your account – though it’s still very inconvenient.

Sling Blue gives you 3 simultaneous streams, which is quite good. If you get Sling Blue + Orange, you can stream on up to 4 devices.

You won’t get a free DVR, though. You’ll have to fork over $5/month extra for a 50-hour cloud-based DVR.

Platform support is pretty good. You can stream Sling TV on Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku. Other platforms supported include some Samsung and LG Smart TVs. You can stream on your web browser and iOS/Android devices, too.

You can give Sling TV a shot for free, with a 7-day trial on their website, and see what you think for yourself.

fubotv streaming e entertainment network cable alternatives cord-cutting

fuboTV started out as a sports-focused streaming service, and it still has the biggest variety of sports channels of any internet TV service. However, it also has quite a few entertainment networks in its lineup.

Plans, deals and pricing


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fuboTV only has one subscription plan, and it will cost you $45/month. You get E!, as well as a few other entertainment networks such as A&E, Bravo, Oxygen, Lifetime, and Fuse. In total, you can get up to 70 channels, depending on your geographical location.

However, most of these channels like beIN Sports, The Olympic Channel, and Eleven Sports are focused on international sport, such as association football (soccer), rugby, cricket, and other sports.

If you don’t care for these sports, fuboTV is not a great choice for you – you’re better off with a different internet TV provider.


fuboTV does give you a free cloud DVR. You can record up to 30 hours of content, so it’s a bit limited. However, you can pay $10/month to get 500 hours of storage space, if you want.

Streaming on simultaneous devices is limited to 2. However, fuboTV allows you to upgrade to one more stream with a $6/month “Family Share” add-on. This is a nice option, though it will mean paying more than $50/month for your fuboTV subscription.

fuboTV has pretty good platform support, too. You can watch on Amazon Fire devices, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV, as well as on iOS and Android devices and your web browser.

Currently, fuboTV is offering a free 7-day trial. If you like the service, you can also get a discount for your first month. You’ll pay only $20 for your first month, instead of $45.

FuboTV Shortcode

hulu with live tv streaming e entertainment network kardashians cable alternatives

Hulu With Live TV launched last year, and is still technically in “beta”. However, it’s already becoming a top pick for internet TV subscribers around America.

Plans, deals and pricing

Like fuboTV, Hulu With Live TV offers only one subscription package to choose from. It costs $40/month, and you will get somewhere between 40-70 channels, depending on your location.

Your Hulu With Live TV subscription comes with E!, as well as other popular entertainment networks such as Bravo and Viceland. Notably, networks such as MTV and VH1 are missing from this lineup.

One of the best benefits of Hulu With Live TV is that your subscription also includes a baseline Hulu membership (a value of $8/month) for no extra cost. You can watch the entire library of Hulu content on-demand with no restrictions.


With your Hulu With Live TV subscription, you get a 50-hour DVR for no extra cost. This is plenty for most people, but if you need more storage, you can pay $15/month for an “Enhanced DVR” add-on. It’s nice to have the option, but the fee is quite steep.

You also are limited to only 2 streams by default, like DirecTV Now and fuboTV. However, you can purchase an “Unlimited Screens” package for $15/month. This package lets you stream on as many devices as you want at home, and on up to 3 devices outside of your home network.

Platform support was pretty weak when Hulu With Live TV was first released, but today it’s available on almost all major streaming platforms. You can watch on Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and select Roku models. Android and iOS are supported, as are web browsers, and some Samsung Smart TVs.

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If you want to try out Hulu With Live TV, you can get a free 7-day trial now at their website.

youtube tv streaming e entertainment network without cable alternatives cord-cutting

YouTube TV is the latest entry into the internet TV wars, from Google. It has the best features of any internet TV package, and a good list of channels.

Plans, deals and pricing

Like fuboTV and Hulu With Live TV, you can only choose one subscription package. This package will cost you $40/month, (recently increased from $35/month) and includes 60+ channels, though the exact number may vary based on your location.

You will get E!, as well as Bravo, Freeform, and Pop. MTV networks and VH1 are not included, though.

For the price, you get a good package of channels, especially if you are a big sports fan. But the true value of YouTube TV lies in its great features.


Let’s start with the DVR. YouTube TV gives you a completely free DVR with unlimited storage space for up to 9 months. You can store as many hours of content as you want, with absolutely no limits or restrictions.

You also can stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously by default. YouTube TV also lets you create up to 6 different user accounts, so it’s easy to share TV between family members, and manage DVR recordings and other features.

When it was first released, device support was limited only to Google products like the Chromecast, and iOS/Android. Today, though, you can watch on Apple TV and Roku, Xbox One, some Samsung and LG Smart TVs, and on your web browser.

Don’t expect Amazon Fire TV support any time soon, though. Amazon and Google are currently involved in a very public feud, and we don’t expect they’ll make up in the near future.

You can try out the service with a free trial now.

E! now entertainment television streaming without cable alternatives cord-cuting

If you have subscribed to any of the above internet TV services, you’ll be able to log in to the E! Now website with your credentials. Simply go to the website, click “Sign In”, and select your internet TV provider – such as Sling TV – from the drop-down menu.

Log in, and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to watch full episodes of archived shows, and watch live episodes directly from the E! Now website.

The same goes for the E! Now app. You can download the app for most streaming platforms, as well as iOS and Android devices. Simply login on your streaming device, and you’ll be able to watch your favorite E! shows.

Why should you do this instead of just watching on your internet TV app? The biggest benefit of doing so is that it does not count against your “simultaneous streaming” policy.

For example, if your family is watching 2 broadcasts on fuboTV, you usually couldn’t watch E! But if you log in to the E! Now app or website, you can still watch live TV – without being blocked due to having too many simultaneous streams.


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