How to Watch HBO Without Cable

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Cord-cutters who give up their cable subscription also give up access to HBO and its lineup of innovative original programming, live sports and movies. Fortunately, HBO hasn’t given up on cord-cutters. It created its own streaming service, called HBO Now, to let anyone watch HBO without cable.

HBO Now – Programming on Demand

HBO Now is an anywhere, anytime on-demand streaming service for subscribers in the United States and “certain U.S. territories”. The service does not offer a live streaming option. Instead, it posts movies and episodes of TV series to HBO Now the minute they premiere on HBO in the Eastern time zone.

This has important implications for people who want to avoid spoilers on social media. People living in the western time zones can watch the latest episodes on HBO Now before the programs air on cable.

Some of HBO’s content takes a little longer to appear on HBO Now. Unscripted programming like news, sports and reality TV may take as much as twenty-four hours to appear as on-demand options.

What’s On HBO Now?

HBONow Content

The catalog gives you access to complete series of HBO Originals, documentaries, a rotating catalog of movies and more.

HBO Originals

Over the past twenty years, HBO-produced TV series like The Sopranos have driven the network’s success both in the ratings and with critics. From the pretty-vampires-with-problems in True Blood to Lena Dunham’s Girls, you can watch every episode of the complete seasons.

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 How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 Without Cable

Westworld fans can prepare for the spring premiere of season two by binge-watching the first season. Game of Thrones fans can watch the first seven seasons as many times as they want until season 8 premieres. (The latest rumor is 2019.)

HBO Exclusives

HBO also broadcasts content produced by other companies. The licensing agreements with those companies, however, can make it hard to predict which of them will be available on-demand. Take as an example Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – only the most recent thirty episodes are available.

The sports reality show Hard Knocks is another casualty of licensing rules. Only the most recent series with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is available.

HBO Kids & Sesame Street

The kid-friendly TV shows and movies from the HBO Kids channel are available in the Kids section of HBO Now. This includes new episodes of Sesame Street which is now a shared production of HBO and Sesame Workshop.

Right now kids can watch Sesame Street episodes from the new 2017 series, the previous six seasons as well as classic episodes from the past four decades.

Parental control features can restrict kids’ access to the Kid section.


You can watch many hard-hitting documentaries produced by HBO like Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

As with the fiction side of things, not every documentary that airs on HBO stays available on-demand. The recent bio-pic Spielberg, for example, premiered on HBO in early October but is scheduled to leave on-demand in November.

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HBO Now maintains a constantly-changing catalog of on-demand movies. The titles range from recent releases like Hidden Figures to classics like Rush Hour 3.

Subscribing to HBO Now

HBONow FreeMonth

HBO set a universal $14.99 price for its streaming service which you can pay directly by subscribing to the HBO Now website after the one-month free trial. There are other ways to get HBO Now, however, by subscribing through one of HBO’s streaming providers.

App stores on mobile devices and set-top boxes offer another avenue for subscribing. Just download the HBO Now app and use the in-app purchasing system to start the subscription. Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store both offer one-month free trials with the subscription.

If you already subscribe to the streaming video services Amazon Video, Hulu and PlayStation Vue, you can add HBO as a premium option. It also enrolls you in HBO Now and gives you full access to the on-demand features. All three services offer a 7-day free trial, but PlayStation Vue’s offering may be the best deal. For $15.00 per month (a penny more than everyone else) you get live streams of HBO’s east coast and west coast broadcasts as well as full access to HBO Now.

You can also check your internet service provider to see if it offers HBO Now as a premium subscription.

Devices for Watching HBO Now

HBONow Devices

HBO Now offers a solid range of support for devices in the home and on the go.

  • Set-top Boxes and Streaming Sticks: Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Roku and Google Chromecast.
  • Smart TVs: Android TV and Samsung Smart TV.
  • Game Consoles: PlayStation3, PlayStation4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • Mobile and Tablet: Android, iOS and Amazon Fire Tablets.
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Unlike other services, HBO Now has standardized its features across all devices. What you get on one device appears on any oother device.

HBO Now lets subscribers stream simultaneously to multiple devices, but caps the number of devices. The number is high enough to let typical households share a single account but not so high that people treat it like a friends-and-family giveaway.

Should I Get HBO Now?

HBO has made it as easy as possible for people to watch HBO without cable by offering its HBO Now on-demand service across devices and providers. At nearly $180 per year, however, that subscription takes a big bite out of your entertainment budget.

If your interest in HBO starts and stops with Game of Thrones, then you might as well save your money for the 4K Blu Ray Directors Final Edition box set. Wait until the ninth season starts and take advantage of the free trial.

The monthly subscription makes more sense if your family wants the wide range of on-demand programming from Sesame Street to documentaries to movies that HBO Now offers. Parental controls and support for multiple simultaneous streams makes the service a great option for households that want to watch HBO without cable.

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