How to Install 123Movies add-on on Kodi

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This is a simple Guide on how To install 123Movies. 123Movies is a very popular website for streaming movies, TV shows, and a wide variety of digital content. However, the website can be a bit unreliable and difficult to use, leaving many people wishing for a better way to stream the media it hosts. But With the 123Movies Kodi addon, it’s possible to enjoy plenty of video content, directly from your Kodi installation.

With a large library of movies and TV shows, lots of customizability, and a simple user interface, the 123Movies addon for Kodi is a great addition to your home theater setup. In this article, we’ll walk you through the installation process for 123Movies on Kodi, and follow it up with an in-depth review of its features and benefits.

The 123Movies Kodi addon has been created by MuckyDuck, a leading 3rd-party Kodi add-on developer. Simple and lightweight, this simple plugin allows for a direct connection to the 123Movies websites, providing you with countless hours of recently-released films, classic movies, and TV shows across hundreds of genres.

In this comprehensive installation guide, we’ll discuss the 123Movies Kodi addon, walk you through the installation process, and discuss some of the features and pros/cons of the add-on. Read on, and learn how you can enjoy a wide variety of streaming media from 123Movies on your Kodi installation.

NOTE: If you already have MuckyDuck’s Repository Installed, skip to step 9.

How to install 123Movies add-on on Kodi

    1. From Kodi’s Homes screen navigate to the Gear icon from the top-left part of the screen 
    2. Now go to File Manager > Add Source > <none>kodi settings
    3. Next, type the following URL, exactly as it appears here: (this repository is not accessible anymore)
    4. Press ok, and enter a name for the repository – eg.: “Mucky Ducks Repo”, remember it because we’ll need it later. Again press OK.
    5. Navigate back to the Kodi’s main menu, and select Add-Ons. Click the Box icon from the top-left part of the screen, and then choose Install From Zip File.
    6. Select Mucky Ducks Repo, or however you named it in the 4’th step.
    7. Now choose repository.mdrepo-[version-number].zip – as seen in the below screenshot. It will start installing, wait till a Installed notification popup appears in the top-right part of the screen.
    8. Now, choose Install From Repository
    9. Find Mucky Ducks Repo in your add-ons menu. 
    10. Here find Video Add-Ons > 123Movies
    11. Press Install, the add-on will begin the installation process, wait for the Installed Notification popup in the top-right part of the screen.

    After the installation completes, access 123Movies add-on from the Kodi’s home screen > Addons

    That’s all, now that you have 123Movies installed on your Kodi application, let’s talk about its features  – and why you should consider adding it to your Kodi installation.

    On add-on’s main screen there are 5 sections: Movies, TV Shows, My Favourites, Meta Settings, and Add-on Settings. Let’s cover each section of the add-on now.

    This is where you can access the movies hosted on This screen provides users with a wide variety of ways to sort each category of films, and find the movies that they want to watch.

    Movies can be sorted by a wide variety of filters, including:

        • My Add-On Favourites
        • Most Recently Added
        • Most Favourited
        • Most Ratings
        • Most Viewed
        • Top IMDB
        • Country
        • Search
        • Genre
        • Year

    Most of these categories are self-explanatory, but we’ll go over some of the most useful ones below.

    Search Functionality

    The 123Movies Kodi addon comes with basic search functionality. Searching on 123Movies is a limited. This addon will only find movies based on their titles, so you can’t search by director, genre, or any other pieces of metadata.

    However, it’s still quite good at finding individual movies, and provides good results if you enter the title of a film correctly.

    Genre Sorting

    Sorting by genre is a great way to find new movies to watch, and the 123Movies addon offers a huge variety of genres to choose from. When looking through genres, users can choose between 5 different sorting systems:

        • Most Rated
        • Recently Added
        • Most Viewed
        • Most Favourited
        • IMDB Rating

    Once you’ve selected a filtering option, you can begin looking through the different genres available on 123Movies.

    Besides the genres listed above, there are dozens of other choices, including:

        • Sports
        • Thrillers
        • Psychological
        • Mystery
        • Romance

    There are around 36 genres in total to choose from, so you’ll always have plenty to watch.

    Searching By Year

    This is one of the more unique aspects of the 123Movies addon. Instead of searching by movie titles, you can sort through movies by year of release.

    For example, if you wanted to browse a list of recently released movies, you can set 123Movies to search for films released in 2017, and you’ll get a comprehensive list of every movie available for your desired time period.

    The TV Shows section of the 123Movies extension is very similar to the Movies section. This menu allows you to quickly navigate through thousands of TV shows, episodes, and series.

    Filtering options include:

        • My Add-On Favourites
        • Most Recently Added
        • Most Favourited
        • Most Ratings
        • Most Viewed
        • Top IMDB
        • Country
        • Search
        • Genre
        • Year

    As far as functionality goes, the TV shows section of 123Movies is nearly identical to the Movies section, and all of the above sorting and searching features are usable in this menu as well.

    The Meta Settings section of this addon is where users can set up advanced metadata features to help categorize films, TV shows, and other media within their Kodi home media library.

    The features in this section of the 123Movies addon are quite advanced, and most regular users won’t need to change or modify them in any way. However, power-users can use these meta settings to adjust things like poster size, metadata retrieval, and other advanced aspects of the 123Movies addon.

    The Addon settings section is where most aspects of 123Movies addon functionality and UI (User Interface) can be modified and changed. Let’s discuss the most useful settings on this menu now.


    The Autoview tab allows 123Movies users to modify how TV shows and movies are displayed within the application. Users can change how each list is displayed within the application, and set limits on the number of items visible in each individual list.

    The main “Settings” menu in 123Movies. All major settings categories are visible on the left.

    Enable Sections

    The Enable Sections tab allows users to toggle different sections of the 123Movies add-on. For example, if you wanted to restrict your 123Movies addon to showing only movies, you could deselect the “Enable TV-Shows” option, and it would disappear from the main menu.


    Autoplay is toggled off by default, but it can be turned on by selecting the Enable Auto Play switch within this menu, as shown below.


    By clicking the “Update” button in the bottom area of the settings menu, you can check for updates. If your application is up-to-date, nothing will appear – but if it’s outdated, you can update it directly from this menu.

    Playing media is easy with the 123Movies addon. Once you’ve found a movie or TV show you want to watch, you can select it to view the available quality options, as seen in the below screenshot.

    The quality available for movies and TV shows depends primarily on the original uploader, but most TV shows and movies we tested were available in at least 720p HD.

    However, 360p and 480p streams were often available alongside HD options. If you have a slow connection or metered bandwidth, this is good news, as you’ll be able to enjoy most of the content available without using too much bandwidth.

    Now that you’ve seen how to install 123Movies, you may be wondering if it’s right for you, and whether or not you should install it on Kodi. While 123Movies is a great Kodi extension, it’s not perfect. 

    What 123Movies Is Good For

        • Watching New And Popular Movies And TV Shows – 123Movies is focused on providing new, updated Movies and TV shows to viewers. Because of this, it’s a great choice if you’re looking to watch brand-new movie releases, and the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. New media is uploaded to 123Movies regularly, so you’ll always find the newest releases.
        • Finding New Shows And Media To Watch –With great genre sorting tools and the ability to sort media by IMDB rating, community favorites, and more, 123Movies provides great ways to help you find something new to watch.

    What 123Movies Is NOT Good For

        • Live TV Or Sports – Unlike other popular extensions like CCloudTV, 123Movies does not offer any live TV options, and has minimal sports programming. This certainly isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s something to keep in mind when installing this add-on.
        • Older Or Hard-To-Find Movies – 123Movies focuses on popular, new releases. Combined with the fact that the search functionality is rather limited, it may be hard to find less-popular films on this Kodi add-on.

    If you’re interested in recent releases and don’t mind missing out on sports programming and live TV, 123Movies is certainly a great choice. You can also augment some of the drawbacks of 123Movies  by installing other Kodi add-ons.

    Overall, 123Movies is a solid, feature-rich Kodi add-on. With simple access to thousands of movies and TV shows, ranging from classics to contemporary, new releases and beyond, there’s a lot to love about the 123Movies addon. 

    It’s totally easy to use once you’ve gotten started, and it offers quite a bit of customization to users. Browsing movies and TV shows is incredibly simple, and it’s easy to modify and customize your 123Movies installation to your own particular tastes. With simple search features and genre sorting, it’s always easy to find something to watch.

    And because 123Movies is made by MuckyDuck – one of the most active 3rd-party Kodi app developers – it’s constantly being updated for stability, and to be more compatible with new Kodi releases.

    Our verdict? If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use, third-party Kodi addon for movies and TV shows, 123Movies is a great choice. So follow the above guide to 123Movies, and enjoy!

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