How To Install Genesis Reborn Build on Kodi

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*The Build Is Not Supported anymore, try Genesis Reborn Kodi Add-on instead.

This is a guide on how to install Genesis Reborn Build. Basically it provides only Movies and TV-Shows content.

Below you’ll find guides on how to install Genesis Reborn Build on Kodi 17 and Kodi 16.

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And the first thing which catched my attention was the Skin, it looks simple, nice and smooth. Inside we have Netflix content with Tv-Shows and Movies, Amazon content, Showbox, HBO, HGTV, History, some tools, Flixnet, New Movies and New TV-Shows, a built-in instrument for fast choosing what you want to watch without browsing the inside Add-on menus.

Add-ons tab from which we can understand that the build doesn’t has too much add-ons inside, basically the Genesis reborn add-on, Flixnet, HGTV, USTV and that’s all. Everything works fast and simple. I liked it, maybe because I don’t watch Live-TV on Kodi.

Install Genesis Reborn Build on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. From the Home Screen’s top-left part, click on the Gear icon
  2. File manager > Add-Source > click on <None>
  3. Type the url: then hit Ok.
  4. Now, in the below box, type a name, “Genesis” for example and press Ok
  5. Now press back, and choose System settings > Add-ons
  6. Make sure that Unknown sources is enabled
  7. Press back till you get to the home screen
  8. Select and click on Add-ons, now press the box icon from the top-left part of the screen
  9. Install from zip file > Genesis, or however you named the source > plugin.program.genesis.reborn
  10. Now, we’ll need to wait for the Add-on installed notification
    After that we’ll get Genesis Menu.
    Make sure that the last 3 functions are enabled, this will clear cache when you’ll run Kodi
    a big problem for Fire sticks or Tv-Boxes that run low memory
  11. Press Continue > Build Menu
  12. Here at the top you’ll see your Kodi version, so from the below options choose to install the right Build for your Kodi version.
  13. Now we’ll need to choose between making a fresh install or install on top which means all your current content remains
  14. I recommend making a fresh install because there is a big chance the installation could fail because of the other files.
  15. Just go for the Fresh install, click Continue and wait till it downloads and installs, it’s a big build, over 700MB so make sure you have at least 800 free MB
  16. At the end we’ll need to restart Kodi. Hit Force close and open it again.
  17. When it runs, it will request your permission to install some add-ons, just hit Yes.
  18. That’s all, now we got the Genesis reborn Build on our Kodi
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Install Genesis Reborn Build on Kodi 16 Jarvis

  1. From the main menu go to System –> File manager
  2. On the left side box click Add Source
  3. Click on <NONE>
  4. Enter the URL:
  5. In the next box down name it Jesus and click Done, then OK
  6. From the main menu go to System –> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file
  7. A box will slide, find “Jesus” and click it
  8. Click Give it time to download and install. Wait for the Add-on Installed notification.
  9. Get back to the main menu > Programs > Genesis Reborn Wizard > Genesisrebornwizard
  10. The Build will download and install and restart. It may need to be force closed and restart manually.

That’s all, you can now enjoy your build.

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