Install Goodfellas Kodi addon v. 2.0 – August guide

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The Goodfellas kodi addon, as the name suggests is really Goodfellas to the Kodi users. What doesn’t this addon provide? Is probably your next question. The Goodfellas kodi addon provides everything from movies, Tv shows, Tv channels, Live sports, Live happenings around the world to documentary, music, audio books, culinary and much more. The Goodfellas Kodi Team has done a great job in presenting us the user-friendly and exemplary add-on.

 How to install Goodfellas Kodi add-on v2.0

1. From Kodi’s home screen, navigate to the Gear icon from the top left part of the screen

2.Open File Manager

3.Click on Add source

4.On the next screen, a dialog box will open up. Just double click on None.

5. Here you should add the path for the repository. Just type: as it is without any mistakes.

6. Now give it a name and remember it, we’ll need it later.

7. Now go back to the home screen by pressing ESC key. Then tap on Add-ons.

8. Now on the top left corner, you can find an icon like unzipper, just tap on it.

9. Click on Install from Zip file.

10. Now choose the source that we added in the Step 6

11. Choose and tap ok.

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Once the zip file is installed you will get a notification that super repository add-on is installed and ready to use.

How to use Goodfellas kodi addon version 2.0

Now click Install from the repository.

Choose GoodFellas from the list of repositories available.

Click on Video Add-ons on the list.

You can find various Add-ons under this category. Choose GoodFellas 2.0 addon.

Double click on GoodFellas 2 and tap on install. Wait for it to get downloaded. Once it is installed, tap on open.

Once you open it, you can see several categories as seen in the image below.

For example, let us see how to watch sports? Go to Sports/events. Here you can see various categories like Live events, UFC, WWE, Boxing, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and much more. At the bottom, you can see an option for sports channels. When you get into it, you can see some popular sports channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, Bt sports, Sky Sports, Pac 12, TSN and several other sports network. You can absolutely watch anything in real time without any much delay.

What else does Goodfellas 2.0 kodi addon provide?

1. Movies: Goodfellas 2.0 does provide a huge collection of movies under various genres like comedy, drama, action, crime, mob, horror, kids and much more. It does provide the quality and thumbnails of the movie, which will help you in choosing wisely.

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2. Tv channels: Goodfellas brings you some popular Tv channels from these four regions.

  • USA -Animal planet, A&E, National Geography, Fox, Comedy Central, MTV etc..
  • UK – TLC, Discover & co, UTV, ITV, Sky Network etc..
  • Canada – CBC, CTV, City TV, TVA Montreal etc..
  • Spanish- Fox, TNT series, Discovery, Real Madrid Tv etc..

3. News channels: Lets you watch the News around the world with channels like ABC News, BBC World News, CNN HD, Fox News, CBSN News, Sky net News, RT News, News 12 and much more.

4. Biography and documentary: Wanna know about anyone, this section contains biography channels and documentaries that contain the huge collection of biography and documentaries of the famous noteworthy people around the world.

5. Audiobooks and newspapers: Goodfellas 2.0 does provide you with the greatest and popular audiobooks you would have come across. It does also provide audio newspaper which will save your time.

6. Culinary: This section provides you with some of the best cooking channels you can find on the internet. There are several channels which you can make use of.

7. Music: It will be incomplete without the music. This addon provides some valuable collection from 80’s to the latest hits. Hope you don’t want to miss any.

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One thing that is yet to be developed with this addon is Tv shows. Though it does provide it, there are not as many as you can find on other addons. Except for Tv shows, other things are really great. Hope you enjoy this amazing goodfellas kodi addon.

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