How to Install the Horizon Build on Kodi – The Complete Guide

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horizon build

The basic Kodi media player comes with the Estuary skin already installed. While Estuary is certainly user-friendly, it isn’t the only skin in town. The Horizon build for Kodi provides one of the best skins available while also coming with over two dozen popular Kodi addons pre-installed. By combining functionality with an attractive user interface, Horizon helps both new and experienced Kodi users get more out of their streaming experience. You can easily install the Horizon build for Kodi on almost any device, including an Amazon Fire TV or TV Stick.

Our guide takes a look at how to install the Horizon skin and build. We also provide a detailed overview the type of streaming experience you can expect from the Horizon build. At the bottom, you’ll find some information on how to get the most out of your new Horizon build, including some information on how to fix broken menu items.

How to Install the Horizon Build for Kodi

You will find the Horizon build available through the Ares Wizard addon. Click here to learn how to install the Ares Wizard addon.   

With Ares Wizard installed, do the following:

  • From your home screen, click on Add-ons > Program add-ons

horizon build

horizon build

Here chose Ares Wizard

horizon build

  • On the right side, select Browse Builds
  • Scroll down and select SamWich1986

horizon build

horizon build

At this juncture, you’ll need to decide whether you’re looking to install a fresh build or install a build on top of your existing Kodi setup. If you’re you’re looking to start from scratch and don’t care about losing any addons you already have installed, click on Fresh Start. If you have addons and settings that you want to keep, click on Install.

If you click on Install to download the build while keeping your current Kodi addons and settings, do the following:

  • When the Options screen appears, select all of the following: Keep my favorites, Keep my sources, Keep my addon settings
  • Ares Wizard will then download and install your Horizon build for Kodi.
  • When the installation is complete, you’ll be asked if you want to create a backup of your skin/profile. Select Yes.
  • You will also be asked if you want to enter to win prizes. We recommend you select No here.
  • Finally, you’ll receive a prompt that Kodi needs to be closed to complete the installation. Select OK.

Kodi probably will not auto restart after you select OK on the final prompt, so you will need to restart it manually (restarting your Device may be a solution). After you open up Kodi, you should now see the Horizon build loaded up instead of the original Estuary skin.

You may get an error message when loading up Kodi after you installed the Horizon build. If this happens, exit Kodi and load up the application again. Wait 5-10 minutes till it updates and loads all the menus, although you’ll get errors.

Horizon Build for Kodi: Walkthrough

horizon build

The Horizon build is designed specifically for streaming media of all types. When you load your Kodi application with the Horizon build installed, you’re greeted with a flashy interface and different menus and sub-menu options. You can scroll through the different preset menu options by hitting left on your keyboard or Kodi remote.

After installation, Horizon has the following preset menu options for streaming:

  • Live TV
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Kids
  • Mars
  • Venus
  • Wildlife
  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Shows

Let’s explore what you’ll find in each of these sections.

Live TV

If you select Live TV, Horizon will open up a long listing of TV stations for you to sift through. As of the latest version of the build, there were 129 channels available directly in the Live TV section, spanning a variety mostly US and UK television networks.

From the home screen, you’ll see several options below Live TV, including Countries, Sky Movies, UK Turk, Filmon.TV and 24/7 Shows. These sections are mostly self-explanatory, although you might find that the Countries section is particularly useful for getting directly to content for the specific geographic regions you want most. However, you may find that some streams from outside of your region do not work. In those cases, a VPN may help, although there is a chance that the streams are broken due to an outdated or non-functioning add-on.

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Under the Sports menu, you’ll find quick access to the following Kodi addons: Maverick, Project D, SportsDevil, Halow TV, and Stream Army. These addons come pre-installed with the Horizon build, although they might not be updated to the latest versions. You can click on the Sports menu from the home screen, although this only opens you to the Stream Army addon section for sports.


The Fitness section pulls in streams directly from YouTube. It lists popular YouTube fitness channels such as POPSUGAR Fitness, Body Rock, and Sarah Fit.


If you click on the Kids menu option from the home screen, you’ll be taken directly into the Bob Unrestricted Kodi addon which comes pre-installed with Horizon.

Under the Kids menu from the Horizon home screen, you’ll see options for TV Shows, Cartoons, Disney, Classics, and Movies. Each of these pulls streams from a variety of different pre-installed addons such as Covenant, Maverick, Bobby’s Cartoons and Stream Army.

Mars and Venus

The Mars and Venus sections are a play on the phrase “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”

Under the Mars menu from the Horizon build home screen you’ll find stereotypically “male” streaming interests: Car Shows, Anime, Sci-Fi, Comedy, and Documentaries. Under Venus, you’ll find sub-menus for Soaps, Romantic Movies, Workouts, Musicals, and Reality TV. Somewhat amusing stereotypes aside, you’ll find some good streaming options through all of these sections drawing from popular third-party addons, including Covenant, Maverick, The Pyramid, Bob, and DandyMedia.


For nature lovers, Horizon includes a section just for wildlife-centered TV and movie streaming. Sub-menus here include National Geographic, Animal Planet, Ray Mears, Brian Cox, and Nature Docs. All streams for the Wildlife section appear to draw primarily from either The Pyramid addon or The Red Pill addon.


If you’re turning to Kodi for music streaming, the Horizon build includes a Music menu option that primarily utilizes The-Music-Source Kodi addon.  You can easily navigate to different areas of interest under the main menu option, or open the addon and browse the music streaming selections by clicking on Music from the main menu.


The Horizon build relies primarily on the Covenant Kodi addon for its movie streaming. Under Movies menu option from the home screen, you’ll see several categories that are available directly in Covenant: Genres, Year, Most Popular, In Theaters, and Box Office. You can use the submenus to access those Covenant features more quickly or select Movies from the home screen to get to the main menu in Covenant.

TV Shows

The Horizon build also uses Covenant as its backbone for on-demand TV streaming. From the home screen under TV Shows you can more easily access the following Covenant TV sections: Genres, Networks, Most Popular, New Shows, Airing Today. You can also access these and other Covenant TV show options by clicking on TV Shows from the Horizon build home screen.

What Feature Works Best on Horizon?

Horizon’s best feature is the one it shares with many other Kodi builds: ease of use

horizon build

For example, the Countries section under Live TV is perhaps one of the best features of any build. Few Kodi addons actually have an organized section for finding TV shows by country of origin. Even the ones that do, such as cCloud TV, only provide a long listing countries instead of an easy-to-use interface.

What Doesn’t Work on Horizon

Horizon could use some significant improvements to the addons it uses as sources. While most do work well, we found that many of the live TV streams simply did not load. This held true even for ones that might have simply been region locked but that still didn’t work with a VPN.

Additionally, clicking the main menu options often results in somewhat disappointing results. Instead of just opening up one addon’s menu, if I click something like “Live TV” from the main menu, I should be given more options. Instead, I’m just greeted with a long list of TV channels with no real organization to them.

Horizon’s strength in making it easier getting to very specific addons is also the build’s biggest weakness. Its reliance on a handful of addons to make things work without giving you many additional options makes it more difficult to find working streams if something goes wrong.

What is the Horizon Build?

Horizon is a Kodi build that comes with a handful of Kodi addons pre-installed. You’ll notice several key differences between Horizon and the basic Kodi media player installation. First is that Horizon is a build that comes with a new skin. The standard Kodi installation comes with the Estuary or Estouchy (mobile users) skin installed but does not come with any addons installed.

After you install Horizon, you also install 26 different Kodi video and live TV addons that are designed to work with its menu options to help save users time and effort locating streams. Horizon works by accessing the different menu options and features available in these addons. If you’re new to Kodi or looking to make your streaming experience easier, Horizon may be a useful build for your purposes.

Is Horizon Better Than Other Builds?

Every Kodi build is different. Horizon is just one build among many that make using Kodi easier for both new users and veterans. That said, Horizon is one of the newest builds on the block with regular developer support. Its pre-installed addons also draw directly from the official repository sources for those addons, meaning the addons that are the backbone of the entire build are more likely to remain working.

Nevertheless, Horizon is not the only working build available. For example, some of the currently most popular builds for Kodi include CellarDoor, Titanium, and Wookie.

Sadly, the developer behind Wookie passed away suddenly in August. While there is a chance Wookie developers will continue to develop the popular build it is also possible the Wookie build will go inactive. As builds rely heavily on constant development and support, we recommend sticking to the more actively developed builds to help ensure your build is working properly.

Do you like the Horizon build’s skin, but don’t like the addons Horizon is using? You can keep the skin and insert different addons for the build to utilize.

To change up the addons Horizon’s uses, go to the Skin Settings under Settings from the main menu.

From there, click on Customization on the left and then Setup the Aeon Nox main menu on the right side of the screen.

horizon build

On the left side, you’ll now see all of the main menu items available on the Horizon build home screen. You can adjust which addons any of these main menu items use.

For example, let’s say I don’t want the Live TV menu to pull up a random selection of channels when I click on it. Instead, I might want it to use the Maverick TV World Live TV section.

To change my Live TV addon settings, I would do the following:

horizon build

horizon build




  • Click on Create menu item to here
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Now, whenever I click on Live TV from the home screen, I’ll go directly to the World IPTV section for Maverick TV.

You can adjust any menu option in Horizon to suit your needs using the above method. If you find a functioning addon that you like better than one of the addons Horizon is using, you can simply install that addon and then change the settings so that your preferred addon is pulled up instead.

From time to time, addons may stop working. We’ve seen this already with some popular Kodi addons, such as Phoenix and Exodus. If you like the Horizon build and want to keep it working properly, it’s a good idea to change up the addons. This should help you keep your build up and running.

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