How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

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Neptune Rising add-on was discontinued.

Have you ever wondered about having all the features power packed in a single addon? If so, then Neptune rising is what you are searching for. Neptune Rising is one of the best kodi addons for movies and TV Shows. This addon is supercharged with multi scrapers which will fetch the best link for streaming your favorite content. Neptune Rising kodi addon automatically filters the reliable streaming providers that actually works. One can even download the content and watch it later. There are lot more features available in the Neptune Rising Kodi addon.Some of the features are disabled in the setting menu.

This addon is available in Balmo repository. Mr.Balmo is also one of the creators of the exodus. No wonder his new creation is suppressing exodus. Now we will proceed to the installation of Neptune rising Kodi addon.

How To install Neptune rising Kodi addon

  1. Open Kodi on your device. Select the gear icon at the top of open system setting menu.
  2. Select “file manager” from the list of available settings.
  3. Select “add source” to add an external source to your Kodi.
  4. In add file source dialog box, select NONE.
  5. Now enter the path (repository URL):
  6. Give any name for the path, so that we can easily select it later. I prefer to name it blamo.
  7. Now select ok, to add this source to your Kodi.
  8. Now we will access this new source and install the repository. To do that, navigate back to your home screen and select “Addons” in the left menu.
  9. Now select the Box icon, which is at the top left corner of the screen.
  10.  Now select install from zip file option.
  11. Search for the newly added source by the given name. And select it.
  12. In that, select repository zip file.
  13. Once the repository is installed, you will receive a notification at the top right corner.
  14. If you are in addon browser menu, select install from repository. Or navigate back to addon browser menu and select it.
  15. It will show a list of the available repo, select balmo repository from it.
  16. Select the category as video addons.
  17. And from the list of video addons, select Neptune rising.
  18. Now addon information page will appear, select install.
  19. Wait for few seconds, after successful installation you will receive a notification.
  20. Now open the addon from your home screen or Addons> Video addons menu.
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What is special about Neptune rising Kodi addon

Like all other video add-ons, Neptune rising Kodi addon also streams media content available over the internet. But the most special thing about this addon is its multi scrapers. These scrapers fetch the links from all the available sources. All the scraped links are categorized based on the quality. Thus as the result, a long list of providers will be listed. Even if one of the providers is not working, you may choose the other providers to stream your favorite movies and TV shows.

Another best thing about Neptune rising is its categorization. Neptune Rising is elegantly categorized into various subcategory based on the user interests. It includes

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Top movies
  • Critters corner
  • Fork
  • My movies & TV shows

Like other video add-ons, it has movies and TV shows. First, we suggest you check out the following categories of Top movies and Top TV Shows. Top movies have a huge collection of most watched movies and user favorites. Instead of surfing on random movies. My next favorite category is critters corner because it has 100 best collections under various genre like action, adventure, drama, fantasy and a lot more. It totally has 18 genres. This addon will be the best choice if you watch only certain genre of movies. Though there are many other addons out there, Neptune rising is the only addon which provides 100 movies in each category.

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The next category is the Fork. The fork is a separate category inside Neptune rising. The fork categorization is similar to Exodus and covenant. Most specifically, it has what critters corner missed out. It has movies and TV shows. They are categorized as

  • Trending
  • Popular
  • Anticipated
  • Box office
  • Movie mosts

You will not miss a single movie in this addon. This is why it’s my most favorite video addon.

That’s all about installation procedure of Neptune rising Kodi addon and its special features. I hope this tutorial will be helpful. If you have any issue or suggestion, kindly let us know through comments or contact form.

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