How to Install No-Name Add-on on Kodi

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In recent weeks, a little-known C0LDFIRE project called No-Name has started to gain traction around the web. C0LDFIRE is well known among indie Kodi developers because he was a major contributor to a popular Kodi add-on that was known as Exodus. Now that Exodus is no more, C0LDFIRE seems to be devoting more attention to No-Name. In recent weeks, C0LDFIRE has churned out several big No-Name updates. But is No-Name as good as Exodus once was?

Read on to learn:

  • How to download and install the No-Name Kodi add-on
  • How to use No-Name
  • How No-Name compares to Exodus and other popular indie add-ons


Before you can use No-Name for Kodi, you’ll need to download and install the free, open source media player known as Kodi. Kodi is available on Mac, Windows, Android and many other platforms.

  • Internet connection
  • A Kodi compatible operating system
  • The Kodi software (download link)

How to Install No-Name on Kodi

Here’s a detailed, step-by-step view of everything you need to do to install No-Name from GitHub.

Step #1: Download and install the Agent 47 repository

Hop over to GitHub and download


Then, from Kodi’s main menu click add-ons from the side menu and select the box icon.


Next, click Install from zip file and open

Step #2:  Install No-Name

Click Install from repository → AGENT 47→ Video add-ons → No-Name and then select Install.

How to Use No-Name

No-name can find all kinds of content including movies, TV shows, streaming TV feeds and more. Here’s a quick overview of how to navigate and use No-Name.

main menu

Using search

If you know exactly what you want to watch, the search submenu is where you should go. Just enter the name of the title and No-Name will pull up a list of matching shows or movies. Then, click the title you want to see and No-Name will look for links.

Unfortunately, No-Name does not save your search history. If you want to look for the same title again later, you have to type in your search query all over again.

How to browse movies

In No-Name’s movies submenu, you’ll find all kinds of custom-made movies and playlists ranging from movie box sets to collections of mythology-themed movies and more. You can also access IMDB generated content movie lists here as well.

  • Tip: For even more custom playlists, open up the menu labeled COLLECTIONS.
movie browsing

In No-Name’s main menu, there’s an additional section for finding movies and TV shows called Leviticus. If you were a fan of Exodus, you’ll probably instantly recognize Leviticus’s menu format.


Once you start exploring Leviticus’s movies section, you’ll realize that Leviticus seems to depend entirely on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) for structure. As a result, its menus are more logical – but they are also a bit boring.

How to browse TV shows

The easiest way to browse TV shows is to simply use Leviticus’s neat-and-tidy IMDb-powered TV menu. Leviticus makes it easy to browse TV titles and find video locker streams.

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If you click TV Shows from No-Name’s main menu, you’ll see 3 additional TV show options: TV Show Collection, TV Show 24/7 and TV Show Direct Link.

tv shows

The TV Show Collection and TV Show 24/7 menus are both rather strange. The former is just a list of random TV shows. The latter allows you to pick a TV show title but doesn’t give you the option to select an individual episode.

The TV Show Direct Link menu is interesting, though. Titles hosted on TV Show Direct Link pop up instantly, so there’s no need to wait for No-Name to pull up a list of streams.

How to look for live TV links

You’ll likely have to click around a bit to find a working stream via Cypher or Daily IP-TV. However, the links in the YouTube Live Sports Streams sections are 100% reliable. YouTube usually does a decent job of preventing pirates from broadcasting unlicensed games, so any streams you find via YouTube are likely legitimate.

To watch AceStream links, you’ll need a special add-on called Plexus. If you try to open AceStream links and you don’t have Plexus, nothing will happen.

live tv

How to activate and deactivate stream sources

No-Name gathers video streams from hundreds of different stream providers. Some providers are fast and work quite well, but others take forever to load. If you notice that No-Name is getting stuck on a provider, you can disable it via the settings menu.


Note: If most of the links that you try to open on No-Name don’t work, you may need to switch on your VPN. A good VPN like IPVanish can help you find your way around all types of internet content blocks, including the kind that limits what you can watch on No-Name.

No-Name Pros and Cons

Some indie developers don’t really know much about how to write code. They just copy code from other add-ons, change the artwork around a bit and re-brand everything. But C0LDFIRE seems to be the real deal. He is often given credit for contributing to Exodus. It’s worth downloading No-Name just to see what C0LDFIRE will do with it in the future – but it’s already a more than decent add-on.


  • Well-known, dedicated developer
  • On-demand movie and TV links
  • Live TV feeds
  • Pulls in YouTube live streams
  • Direct links
  • Leviticus gives you an alternative way to browse


  • No search history
  • No bookmark system
  • Trakt doesn’t work
  • Some menus aren’t very useful

Well-known, dedicated developer

As mentioned above, the fact that C0LDFIRE is the mind behind No-Name is reason enough to add it to your Kodi arsenal. Some indie developers pretend to know more than they actually do, but C0LDFIRE seems to really know a thing or two about how to code.

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On-demand movie and TV links

Most video add-ons for Kodi specialize in either on-demand content or live TV feeds. But with No-Name, both on-demand and live links are present. The live TV section of No-Name often isn’t very reliable, but that’s par for the course when it comes to live TV add-ons.

Pulls in YouTube live streams

Any game that you can find via No-Name’s YouTube section is likely to be legitimately licensed. YouTube generally does a good job of identifying and removing pirated sports streams.

Direct links

The TV Show Direct Link menu links directly to content, so there’s no need to wait for No-Name to gather links to streams from around the web. There are currently only a few titles available in the TV Show Direct Link folder, but hopefully, C0LDFIRE will add more as time goes on.

Leviticus gives you an alternative way to browse

If you aren’t impressed with No-Name’s playlists, just hop over to Leviticus and browse for content there using IMDb generated categories and genres.

No search history

The most annoying thing about No-Name is that it doesn’t have a search history feature. Search history can’t be that hard to code, so what’s the holdup?

No bookmark system

Because there’s no way to bookmark any of No-Name’s menus, you have to browse or use search every single time you want to watch something.

Trakt doesn’t work

Most video add-ons that have a Trakt feature won’t actually allow you to use Trakt. There may be some kind of technical reason for this – but it is also possible that Kodi developers are intentionally disabling Trakt features. In 2014, TorrentFreak pointed out why recording everything you watch via Trakt could be a risky move. Since then, Trakt popularity seems to have waned.

Some of No-Name’s menus (TV Show Collection, 24/7 TV Shows) look a bit sloppy and don’t seem to add much value.

Final Thoughts

No-Name has been my go-to add-on for several weeks now. Hopefully, C0LDFIRE will continue improving it and be pushing out updates for it moving forward.

Lots of options, but simple enough for beginners

Though No-Name might confuse you a bit at first if you’re new to Kodi, the Leviticus section of it is very straightforward and easy to use.

The add-on that does it all

Some Kodi add-on developers that try to do both on-demand and live content wind up spreading themselves too thin, but No-Name offers a balanced blend of both worlds.

What’s next for No-Name?

Over the past several weeks, C0LDFIRE has pushed out several updates for No-Name.


The recent activity spike seems to indicate that C0LDFIRE is turning all his attention to No-Name, now that he’s no longer working on Exodus.

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More Add-ons to Try

For screenshots and installation instructions, read: Best Kodi Add-ons for September 2017 – Fresh Add-on News & Updates


Before I started using No-Name, Duckpool was my go-to add-on. Even though Duckpool has a weird logo, it works quite well. Duckpool was previously called iStream until developer MuckyDuck took over in summer of 2016.

I stopped using Duckpool because MuckyDuck stopped pushing out regular updates. However, Duckpool still works quite well so I keep it around as a backup. The thing I like the most about Duckpool is its built-in system for saving favorites. Its search history feature is useful as well.


Streamhub is one of the most reliable IPTV add-ons out there right now because it has links to Mobdro feeds. Mobdro is a streaming app that allows you to watch live TV – but the problem with Mobdro is that it’s crammed with ads.

With Streamhub, you don’t need use the Mobdro app to watch its feeds because Streamhub’s developer somehow managed to find a way to import them. In addition to Mobdro, Streamhub also connects to freetVIP, Ustreamix, IPTV4sat, IPTVfilmover, IPTVsatlinks, Panda TV, SourceTV, MamaHD, Shadownet and other stream sources.


Covenant has died and come back to life many different times. Before Covenant was Covenant, it was called Exodus. Before Exodus, Covenant was called Genesis. Even though this add-on’s brand keeps changing, its core code remains the same – and with every incarnation, it gets more and more popular.


Gurzil is very similar to Covenant, but it has a different creator – Smash. Smash isn’t as experienced as some of Kodi’s other indie developers. However, he is very involved in the community. We’re watching this add-on to see if Smash will one day put his own personal stamp on it. If you like wolves and were a fan of Exodus, Gurzil is worth a try.


Enigma Entertainment is a brand new coding group that just got started a few weeks ago. We’re not entirely sure what will become of this group, but we’ve been keeping an eye on them because their fanbase seems very engaged.

Because Enigma Entertainment’s developers have already started a new add-on, the official Enigma add-on is starting to suffer from lack of updates. However, if you want to make some connections in the Kodi community you may want to give it a try. Though they seem a bit unfocused, Engima’s developers are helpful, friendly and interact with their fans on a regular basis via Facebook.


The creators of Wolfpack specialize in making cult movie playlists and playlists for little-known but good TV shows. Though Wolfpack’s menus are a bit maze-like, this add-on does contain lots of quality links to obscure movies and shows.

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