How to Install Playlist Loader addon on Kodi + Setup Guide

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This article will guide you through what is Playlist Loader kodi addon, How to install it and then how to setup it. Playlist Loader is an addon that is developed especially for the users who would love to have a playlist for their collection. Playlist loader kodi addon serves the purpose of creating and managing a playlist in Kodi. Playlist Loader also supports loading external m3u lists on your Kodi system.

How to install playlist loader on kodi?

1. Open Kodi. Click on the Gear icon from the top-left corner.

2. Open-File Manager on the next screen.

3. Click on Add source to add the repository file.

4. On the next screen, a dialog box will open up. Just double-click on None.

5. Here you should add the path for the repository. Just type: as it is without any mistakes.

6. Now give it a desired name for the repository file. I choose: super repo

7. Now go back to the home screen by pressing ESC key. Then tap on Add-ons.

8.Now the Box icon from the top-left corner

9. Click on Install from Zip file.

10. Now choose the file superrepo. (Whatever name you gave in step 6).

11. Choose the version of Kodi you are using. The latest version is Krypton.

12. Then choose all on the next screen and tap ok.

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13. Choose and tap ok.

Once the zip file is installed you will get a notification that super repo repository is installed and ready to use.

How to setup Playlist Loader Kodi addon?

Superrepo is a repository that contains a huge amount of addons for kodi. It includes various video sites, online live streaming and browsing sites. Here I will show you how to install Playlist Loader kodi addon using superrepo. Then we will see how to add your playlist to this addon.

Click on install from the repository to see the available repository.

Here you can see the available repositories. We want to access super repo, so just click on SuperRepo All[Krytpton][v7]

Under superrepo, you can find a lot of addons. Some of them are Music addons, picture addons, program addons, video addons, look and feel, services, subtitles, web interfaces and so on. Since Playlist Loader addon comes under video addons, choose video addons which you can find by scrolling down to the bottom.

On the next screen, you can see for sure a lot of addons. Search for Playlist Loader kodi addon. When you find it just double click on it.

When you get into it, you can see the description of the Playlist Loader kodi addon. You can also find an install button at the bottom of the screen. Just tap on it to start the installation procedure.

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Once you click on install button, it will start downloading the required files for the addon. Just wait for a few seconds to complete the installation procedure. Now click on the addon again, which takes you to the home page of the addon. You can find an open button at the bottom of the screen. Just click on it to open the addon.

In order to create a new playlist, click on Add a new list.

Choose a name for your playlist. Here I save it as World IPTV.

On the next screen, you can find two options like Remote-list[URL] and Local-list[File]. Through Remote-list you can add the online playlists and through local-list you can add your local playlist which you created already on your system.

Here I am accessing an online playlist using the URL, Enter the URL and give Ok. For accessing our remote playlist navigate to the folder where you have saved the playlist on your system. You can also google for various m3u list.

Then it will prompt you to choose a logo. If you want to choose a file from your system else click none.

Now your playlist will be added and saved. Just click on the playlist to see your list.

In the online playlist, I have created I can find various IPTV channels. Hope this works for you too.

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Let us know if you face any trouble with playlist loader kodi addon.

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