Kodi Box Madness? Tabloids Warn That Kodi Will “KILL YOU”

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British tabloids have been reporting on Kodi in a panicky, shrill tone for well over a year. In recent weeks, however, Kodi media coverage has risen to new heights of ridiculousness.

The news media’s fascination with Kodi usually focuses in on the sale of so-called “Kodi boxes” – generic Android set-top boxes that come pre-loaded with modified versions of the Kodi media player.

Without extra software, Kodi works just like a standard, run-of-the-mill media player. All it does is play videos, MP3s and other media files. However, cheap Android boxes that are outfitted with third-party Kodi add-ons provide users with unlimited access to copyrighted material.

Citing concerns over faulty wiring, various UK news outlets warned in July that Kodi boxes can burn your house down.

And now, this:

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As TorrentFreak pointed out a few days ago, there is a nugget of truth to idea that some Kodi boxes are electrically unsafe. On the other hand, suggesting that Kodi boxes can “KILL YOU” is beyond the pale.

Express’s cheesy feature image brings to mind this alarmist poster about the evils of marijuana from the late 1930s.

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Here are some more examples of UK news outlets totally losing it over Kodi:

  • In September, The Sunday Express twisted a story about Custos’s new system for tracking copyright infringement into a grim warning about the rise of “Kodi bounty hunters.”  It’s now November, and there hasn’t been any additional news about Custos bounty hunters since.
  • The idea of cops incarcerating people for watching video streams that weren’t properly licensed seems unlikely. Nevertheless, the Daily Star Sunday reported that people using Kodi to watch a boxing match could wind up with 10-year jail sentences.
  • Back in March, The Lancashire Telegraph wondered if Kodi – a totally free media player that millions enjoy and use on daily basis – would be “dead” by the end of the year.
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Copyright enforcement agencies are likely influencing the way that the media covers Kodi stories.

Kodi boxes pose a massive problem for the entertainment industry because they allow people to watch pirated TV shows, movies and sports feeds with ease.

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