Massive Kodi Addons not Working! Here is Why

NOTE: All Kodi Add-ons stream illegal content. It's up to you whether to use them or not, however we recommend using a VPN for privacy and security. We reviewed and compared TOP VPN Providers and here is the result. Please keep your Privacy secured before getting punched by the LAW! Read more...

A lot of Addons are not working this week and more to go, here is why:

Dish Network, an American satellite and broadcast provider sayd they would sue ZemTV and TVaddons probably 2 of the most popular Kodi content providers for copyright infringement of various TV channels.

Isn’t that hilarious?

Why not the TV channels? Why the broadcast provider? After this announcement several Developers retracted their add-ons offline, till all this nonsense calms down.

Till this moment here is the list of Add-ons that went offline (the list updates every hour):

  • Alluc is not working
  • Exodus addon is not working
  • Bubbles addon is not working
  • Phoenix addon is not working
  • Zem live content is not working
  • Sportie addon is not working
  • Vortex (closed)
  • DOJO Streams (Closing)
  • F.t.f.a (closed)
  • Bamf (closed)
  • Silent hunter (content moved to streamarmy)
  • Deliverence addon is not working
  • Ccloud addon is not working
  • Salts addon is not working
  • One128 addon is not working
  • Reaper (closed)
  • Cerburus (closed)
  • BOB (issues with NAN site it’s not closed)
  • Zen (issues with NAN site it’s not closed)
  • Just for him addon is not working
  • Lets be friends addon is not working
  • Mporn addon is not working
  • News12 addon is not working
  • Skynet addon is not working
  • Evolve (live tv and sport gone. Rest working)
  • SRTVHUB addon is not working
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