Shudder Plans and Pricing in 2019 – Everything You Need to Know

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Shudder only has one subscription option. For full access to Shudder’s on-demand horror vault, you can either pay $6/month or you can pay $57/year and save money if you are willing to pay in advance. However, there’s more to it than that because several streaming services offer Shudder as an add-on. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about all the various Shudder plans and pricing options.

Shudder Plans and Pricing

Shudder offers only one subscription that gives full access to its entire catalog. If you pay month-to-month, the fee is $6/month. The annual fee is $57/year, which averages out to about $4.75/month.

7-Day Free Trial
$5.99 / month

300+ titles

Famous thrillers

1 simultaneous stream


Channel Add-Ons

Shudder itself doesn’t have any add-ons. When you buy a direct subscription to Shudder, you get access to all of its content. There are no paywalls and all the content is free of ads. 

Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV both have Shudder add-ons. The cost is the same, but there are a few differences that are worth mentioning.

If you purchase Shudder as an Amazon Prime Video add-on, you’ll be able to download Shudder content with the Amazon Prime Video app. YouTube TV doesn’t have a download feature, but if you like the YouTube TV app and you want to play Shudder content from within it, the add-on might be an option for you.

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There’s a downside to buying Shudder as an add-on that’s worth mentioning here as well: content limitations. Shudder blocks its Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV subscribers from accessing its full on-demand library. The only way to access Shudder’s complete horror vault is to buy a subscription directly through Shudder.

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