StreamHub Kodi Add-on – How to Install StreamHub on Kodi

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StreamHub is one of the most popular Kodi extensions out there. With a huge variety of TV shows, movies, and other archived digital media, StreamHub allows users to access a massive amount of digital content.

Because Streamhub offers free TV streaming of live events, shows, and TV shows – from both the US and the UK, it’s a very popular add-on for Kodi enthusiasts.

StreamHub used to be known as Media Hub, and it was one of the most popular extensions for earlier versions of Kodi. Today, the name has changed, but it still offers the same wide variety of live and archived digital content.

How to Install the Stream Hub Add-on in Kodi

To begin the installation process for StreamHub, we’ll need to download the third-party repository that contains the add-on. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Open Kodi on your computer. Navigate to the gear icon on top-left corner
  2. Now select File Manager 
  3. Double click on Add Source
  4. Next, select <None>, in the text field that popups enter the following URL exactly: and press OK
  5. Enter a name for the source and remember it because will use it later. Press OK
  6. Next, return to the Kodi’s main menu > Add-ons
  7. Select the Box icon from the top-left corner.
  8. Select Install from zip file
  9. Within this window, locate the Source we just added. (5’th step)
  10. Select and click OK.
  11. Wait for Installed notification popup in the top-right corner.
  12. Next, select Install from repository. 
  13. Select StreamHub Repository.
  14. Select Video add-ons.
  15. Select StreamHub 
  16. Select Install on the far-right of the lower menu section. This will begin the installation process of the StreamHub add-on, which may take a minute or so to complete. Wait for the Installed notification popup in the top-right corner.
  17. That’s all, find StreamHub on Kodi’s home screen > Add-ons > Video Add-Ons. StreamHub will appear next to any other video add-ons that you may have already installed. 

Next, let’s take a look at the user interface, features, and content available on StreamHub. We’ll take you through the basics, and help you understand what this Kodi add-on is useful for – and whether or not it’s worth installing.

StreamHub – Features and User Interface

Below, you’ll see two screenshots which will give you the basic idea of how the StreamHub user interface looks.

In this section of our guide, we’ll discuss the major features of each sections, so that you can determine whether or not StreamHub would make a good addition to your Kodi installation.

  • StreamHub Premium

Located at the top of the StreamHub interface, StreamHub Premium allows people who donate to the addon developer to access additional live TV and video content. While this is a nice addition, it’s not necessary. There is plenty of content to watch without donating, though it’s nice that supporting the developer of StreamHub has its perks.

Unless you decide to donate to access more content, you won’t really be using this section, so let’s move on.

  • Movies

StreamHub has a huge variety of movies available. Best of all, the movies on this add-on can be sorted and searched in many different ways, making it easy to find the film that you want to watch.

Movies can be sorted by:

      • New Movies
      • Trending
      • Popular
      • Most Viewed
      • Box Office Hits
      • Oscar Winners
      • In Cinema
      • Genre
      • Year Of Release
      • Actors
      • Ratings

And several other options. Here’s an example of the main menu of the movies section of StreamHub.

This section of StreamHub has the useful search feature, as well. You can search for movies using a general keyword-search function, which we found to be quite accurate, as well as by actor. You can search for a particular actor or actress, and see every movie they have been involved in, which can be very handy.

  • TV Shows

StreamHub also has a large selection of TV shows – both old and new. Just as with movies, there are quite a few different ways you can search and filter these TV shows, in order to find what you want to watch.

These include:

      • Highly Rated
      • Most Viewed
      • Trending
      • Popular
      • Genres
      • Networks
      • Ratings
      • Airing Today
      • New Episodes
      • TV Calendar

These sorting feature makes it easy to find the latest episodes of hit TV shows, and to browse back-catalogs of shows by network, genre, popularity, and more.

Again, TV shows can be searched both by actor, and with a more general keyword-search functionality.

  • Live TV

One of the most popular feature of StreamHub is its ability to stream live TV in both the US and the UK. Let’s take a look at this feature now. Below is the main screen of the Live TV section of the StreamHub Kodi add-on.

From this main menu, you can access four different sections:

      • UK Geo Locked
      • Web Scrapers
      • IPTV Scrapers
      • Android API

Each one of these categories allows you to browse through a variety of different stream directories. Here’s another screenshot to show you what we mean., Fluxus TV, and are all streaming TV services. Essentially, the Live TV section of this add-on allows you to bring them all together in one place – ensuring that you’ll always be able to find the live feed of the channel that you want to watch.

The only real drawback of this section is that it can be a bit difficult to browse. The enormous variety of different streaming services can sometimes make it difficult to locate the right channel.

Still, it’s worth the effort, as StreamHub provides hundreds of totally free TV channels for your viewing pleasure.

  • Kids Corner

This is definitely one of the most unique feature of StreamHub. This section of the app is tailor-made for kids, with available sections like Youtube Gaming, Family Movies, and Most Popular Kids Shows.

It’s easy to navigate this area of Streamhub, and it’s populated with only family-friendly movies and TV shows. If you have kids, this feature of Streamhub is certainly an attractive one.

  • Sports

In this section of StreamHub, you can access archived replays of sports from a variety of leagues such as the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, Rugby, and a variety of soccer (football) leagues from around the world.

This is a great resource for any sports fan. The included broadcasts are usually updated on a daily basis – so if you miss the big game one night, you can tune in on StreamHub to catch it the next day.

  • Documentary’s

Despite the misspelled name on the main screen, the Documentary’s section of the StreamHub add-on has a remarkably comprehensive list of feature documentary films. These films are listed by genre, and over 40 different genres are available, across subjects such as:

      • War
      • Human Rights
      • Lifestyle
      • Law
      • Murder
      • Gangs
      • Environment
      • Educational

And many more. Unfortunately, this section doesn’t include a search feature, so if you’re looking for a particular documentary, you may be better off simply searching in the “Movies” section.

Still, this section of the add-on is a great way to discover new and thought-provoking documentaries, and is definitely useful.

  • Anime

StreamHub has a huge selection of anime, both modern and classic. The list of shows is presented in an alphabetical order, which does make it a bit hard to browse – but the huge selection of top-quality anime make it well-worth browsing through.

Notably, you can also find some of these shows in the TV Shows section of StreamHub, which can make it easier to find a show, if you would prefer not to browse alphabetically.

  • 24/7 TV

24/7 TV is another unique feature of StreamHub. This section of the app allows you to access 24/7 streams that are playing specific TV shows, or are showing a particular genre or style of movie.

For example, if you click on the Musical Movies section of the add-on, you’ll immediately access a 24/7 stream that’s playing the best musicals. Similarly, you can do the same for Mafia Movies, Random Movies, Romance Movies, and more. This feature is great for discovering new movies and TV shows across a variety of genres.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance section of the app allows you to access some useful tools that can help you administer your Kodi installation.

From these options, only Open Addon Settings is useful for the average user. From here, you can do a variety of things.

Premium and General are only used if you’re a premium StreamHub member. They’re only used to log in with a premium account, so we’ll ignore those for now.

Playback allows you to control the quality of content streamed to your Kodi installation, and manage a variety of other settings.

Providers allows users to enable and disable certain streaming providers. This provides flexibility, and can help you avoid streaming from low-quality sources.

Accounts can be used to set up a Trak.TV account, which is very useful if you stream media on both Plex and Kodi, and want to keep track of your progress.

Downloads enables users to toggle downloading of streamed movies and TV Shows. By default, this is turned Off, as users must set up specific download folders on their machines to download media.

Finally, Subtitles allows users to toggle subtitles on and off, as desired, and set their primary subtitle language. Not every stream will support subtitles, but many do – so this can be a very useful feature. It’s toggled off by default, so you’ll want to enable it on this menu.

Our Verdict? StreamHub Has a Lot to Offer

There’s a reason that StreamHub has been one of the most popular Kodi add-ons since the first early Kodi releases. This add-on offers a wide variety of streaming media, live TV, and plenty of archived TV shows and movies.

With a huge variety of content, good navigation and search tools, and reliable streaming from dozens of different providers, StreamHub is certainly a useful addition to your Kodi installation.

It’s not perfect, of course – depending on the stream you choose to view, quality can view wildly – but because of the sheer amount of content available, Streamhub is a great Kodi add-on.

Interested in streaming live TV and movies, but don’t want to install StreamHub? Check out our other guides and reviews of Kodi add-ons!

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