TOP 10 Kodi Sports Add-ons to Watch Live Sports

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Kodi is a well-known application for streaming our favorite content. For streaming all these things we need to install Add-ons. There’re many official and unofficial addons. Official addons are developed by the founders of Kodi itself. While other third-party add-ons are created by developers all over the world.

Sports is something that is attached to every human being. Some people will take it as a profession while other wish to watch it. There are lots of sport events happening across the world. With that being said, if you want to watch live sports on Kodi you’ll need several sources or third-party addons.

Many people used to complain over comments saying that Sport Kodi Add-ons are not working. One thing we all need to understand is that these live sports add-ons for kodi are facing streaming problems and developers end up not updating them regularly. Still, there are few add-ons and builds which are doing their best to stream Live sports.

best kodi live sports addons


TOP 10 Kodi Sports Add-ons to Watch Live Sports

1.Sports Devil

The first addon that comes to my mind, when I wish to watch sports is Sports Devil addon. It is one of the earliest sports addons to be released and the most popular one too. This addon has a lot of providers and supports a lot of services. From watching sports channels to streaming live events you can do anything with this addon. This addon also contains additional links to watch highlights and blogs related to sports events and in the sports field. This is the one all-rounder addon for sports freaks. This addon offers more services and providers than you expect. At times, the link may be expired, but don’t lose hope, it may work sometimes.

2.Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is the addon made exclusively for sports from the developers of the Maverick repo. This addon does not have exclusive sections as in Sports Devil. This addon contains the streaming links to some of the popular Sports channels. You can find all the popular sports channels from UK and US in this addon. All you have to do is choose the channels you wish to watch and watch. Since this does not contain any section for live sports, you have to know the channels that air the live events and watch them here.

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3.cCloud Tv

cCloud Tv is probably one of the best addon to watch any sort of Tv channels. From movies to sports, news, music and Tv show you can find many sections here. cCloud Tv is a kind of IPTV service which offers almost all the channels around the world from various regions. All you have to do is visit the sports section in the addon and choose the channel which airs the live telecast of the event. This addon contains the most number of channels to surf through. In addition, it contains other sections like movies, Tv shows which you may find useful at your leisure.

4.Halow Live Tv

Halow Live Tv is one of the most popular addons to access contents across the world. This addon provides streams for various events happening in different regions of the world. This addon contains several sections like Live TV, movies and much more. Navigate to watch Live sports and choose the event you wish to watch. This addon also supports watching your regional sports channels from anywhere. In addition, it contains other sections like movies, Tv shows which you may find useful at your leisure. This addon does provide the highlights and replays of the events which had occurred earlier too. This will be one of the go to addon for watching live sports anytime anywhere.

5.Planet MMA

Planet MMA is the sports addon built exclusively in favor of UFC, MMA and other fighting championships. This addon is far better compared to other addons and the streaming links do work always. This addon has exclusive PPV section for UFC fights and MMA events. If you are a wrestling fanatic then this addon is a must-have in your Kodi. This does support SD and HD version links which is a great advantage for this addon comparing to others. Similar to UFC and MMA it does contain a lot of wrestling actions taking place around the world. It also contains documentaries of the fights and players.

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6. Deliverance

Deliverance is also a popular sports addon which provides streams to sports channels and live streaming of events across US, UK, Canada and Portugal. This addon is built in favor of Football fans. This addon has exclusive sections for FIFA, European Premiere League and many other international leagues. This provides almost all channels from UK and US. There is a separate section for watching replays and highlights in this addon. This is one of the best sports addon for watching Football and related events. How To Install Deliverance Add-on on Kodi -> Here

7. Falcon Sports

Falcon sports is the best addon to watch live sports as well as PPV events. Falcon sports does also support acestream, which is used to play torrent links. This add-on is of much use because the live events schedule is constantly updated in time. In addition, it also provides PPV events for UFC and WWE. Falcon Sports does provide popular UK channels like sky sports and BT sports. I hope this addon will be of much use to you if you are a citizen of UK and US. If you are unaware of the schedule of the events you can just look up in the live actions section where all the live events will be updated constantly.

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8. GoodFellas 2.0

The Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi addon provides a very extensive library for those who need a good live streaming option.  Especially for live sports. Without any hesitation, I could say this is the best addon I have come across so far. You can find other sections like movies, Tv shows, and other stuff too along with this. You can find all the live actions and PPV events for WWE and UFC in this addon. You can find all the sports actions too including cricket, golf etc.. How To Install Goodfellas Add-on on Kodi > Here

9. Adryanlist

Adryanlist is also a powerful addon packed with a lot of stuff. It has a separate section for Football and LaLiga events. This addon nonetheless other addons provides services through IPTV, Torrents, Acestreams and Live telecast too. It also has the separate sections for movies, Tv shows and various other categories. you can find all the US and UK Tv channels in this addon. This addon does provide content mainly for Brazil and Mexican people. But it also has other regional contents too. If you are a football fanatic then this addon is your go-to addon.

10. Sports Nation HD

SportsNation HD Kodi addon renders live streaming of sports channels. If you are a sports fanatic, then this addon is a must-have in your Kodi. You can acquire the service for this addon by subscribing at the official sportsnationhd site. Though it is a paid service you can enjoy all the live action in HD and instantly without any interruption and it is reliable too. You can get almost all the sports events happening across UK and US through this addon.

These is the list of TOP 10 Kodi Sports Add-ons for streaming live sports on your device. Do comment below if any of the addons are not working! We will update them regularly.

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