Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2019

NOTE: All Kodi Add-ons stream illegal content. It's up to you whether to use them or not, however we recommend using a VPN for privacy and security. We reviewed and compared TOP VPN Providers and here is the result. Please keep your Privacy secured before getting punched by the LAW! Read more...

Kodi Live TV Add-ons that stream live feeds are not always the best when it comes to streaming.
It can be a bit of a hit or miss if they work or not, with one day everything streaming fine, and the next day a struggle at best.
With that said things are improving all the time and only get better. Some add-ons to a better job than others. Below are the top best current Live IPTV add-ons for Kodi.
Using a good VPN with Kodi is always suggested for privacy and security. If you need a good low cost VPN to use with Kodi it has multiple high speed servers with no throttling or logs.


Top Best Live IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2019


  1. Locutus

  2. Locutus is a new Kodi Add-on for Leia 18 from Diamond Build Repository. This add-on has sections for Movies,TV shows, Live Sports, Live TV Kids, Actors, NBA, Acestream, M3u8 Lists, My Favorites, Settings, Update Sources, Trakt, Search and last Played.

  3. T2K IPTV Kingdom
  4. How to Install T2K IPTV Kingdom Kodi Add-on  pic 1
    T2K IPTV Kingdom is new Kodi Add-on from T2K Repository. This add-on has a section for Modbro Live TV , Fluxus IPTV , TV channels, US/UK channels, 24/7 Filmon Channels, UK/USA IPYV, Lodge TV, Sratus TV USA, UK and Ireland.

  5. T2K Mobdro
  6. Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2018 t2k modboro
    T2K Modboro is a Kodi Add-on that you can stream Movies, TV, Shows, Live Sports, and IPTV Channels.

  7. Channels
  8. Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2018 channel
    Channels is new Live TV Kodi Add-on from MrFreeWorld Repository. It has sections for classic Tv, Kids TV, Animated TV, Comedy TV, Reality TV and Drama TV.

  9. Chronos
  10. Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2018 chronos
    Chronos is a brand new Kodi Add-on from Skydarks Repository. It has sections for latest movies, Daily TV shows, Live TV, Austria Channels, Germany, Radio and Ace Streams.

  11. Selfless
  12. Top Best Live IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2018 selfless
    Selfless is top new add-on for Kodi and Live TV, Sports Live, 24/7 Shows, USA Channels and Movies. This plugin brings a lot of links, great streams with so much and different ways.

  13. Startec Mobdro
  14. Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2018 Startec Mobdro
    Startec Mobdro is a Live TV Kodi Add-on from Startec Repository.t has sections for Movies,Channels, News, shows, Sport and Music.

  15. Deceit
  16. Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2018 deceit
    Deceit is a brand new all in one Kodi Addon from One Nation Repository.
     It has sections for Latest Movies, TV shows, Live TV, Listers, 24/7 Streams, Click To Pair, clear cache , Search and more.

  17. Fido Video Add-on
  18. Best Live TV 2018 fido
    Fido Kodi add-on is great add-on for waching Movies, Music, Live TV and more entertainment shows. It is also provides HD streams for lots of popular UK & USA premium channels.

  19. SecretTV
  20. Top Best Live TV IPTV Kodi Add-ons 2017 Vipsecrettv
    This is a very nice IPTV Kodi Addon and it has many channels that work greats such as latino, UK, English IPTV channels.

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