TVAddons Website Goes Live Briefly, Amidst Stiff Community Skepticism

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For a few short hours on July 29, the web address was online and offering zip files for the once-popular TVAddons Indigo tool. Many in the third-party add-on community are deeply skeptical of any reappearance of a TVAddons website, voicing complaints of a potential “honeypot.” Nevertheless, the original TVAddons website,, remains offline, while this new site is registered to a secretive Cayman Islands account.

As indicated by Google, the new website address was last modified on July 29, 2017:

News of this sudden appearance spread quickly online in the widely-used third-party Kodi add-on forum, Addons4Kodi. User Matt00011 created a post alerting community members to the news. Matt00011 also noted that after downloading the Indigo tool (TVAddon’s once-popular all-in-one add-on installer) from the address mentioned above, he found the contents within the add-on to be completely broken.

“Indigo can be installed but the sections within the addon remain broke so I imagine they are still working behind the scenes to get everything in place, hence why the website is still displaying a 403 forbidden. Be careful guys if you add the source.” – Matt00011

Additionally, Matt00011 gave credit to the initial discovery to YouTuber newtechevolution, who posted a video about the return of the website, which included access to the Fusion repository. (The video was removed)

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