How to Update Latest Librtmp

How to Update Latest Librtmp

  • First we’ll need to download the file based on the OS of our Kodi device, navigate to this MediaFire link. There you’ll find the librtmp file
  • Select the version of Kodi that you use
  • Select the OS your device uses
  • Select librtmp.** (extension is different on different Operating Systems)
  • Press Download

Now you have the librtmp file. This now needs to be moved to the correct location on your Kodi device.

Open your Kodi device and use a File Manager (Android), Finder (OS X) and whatever you use on Windows to navigate to one of the locations below:

OS X – /Applications/

Android – /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/lib/ (you may need to create the lib directory yourself)

Windows 32-bit – Program Files/Kodi/system/players/dvdplayer/

Windows 64-bit – Program Files (x86)/Kodi/system/players/dvdplayer/

iOS – /Applications/

Move the file into the directory above and then restart Kodi. You should now be able to launch any add-ons that require the latest librtmp file without any issues.

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