How to Watch BoxNation on Kodi [2 addons]

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Boxnation is a 24-hour dedicated boxing television channel which is available in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it operates by Frank Warren. He is a Boxing Channel Media and promoter. Boxnation costs currently £12 (€15) per box for a month to access the channel for Sky subscribers, and new customers pay additionally £8 (€10) for the registration. But Virgin Media costs £11 a month to access the channel with no registration fee for their clients. Boxnation first launches as a free-to-air service on the Sky platform, and later it starts on the different platforms like Virgin Media, TalkTalk Plus TV, BT, and

Below you’ll find 2 tutorials on the Addons that contain BoxNation streaming sources, choose the one that works better for you.

How to install Uk Turk add-on to Watch BoxNation

To watch Boxnation on Kodi application you’ll need to install UK Turk Playlist addon in your device. So, proceed with the steps which are given below:

1. First, launch your Kodi application from the device.

2. Now, Select the Settings options from the left top corner of the Home Page.

3. Select File Manager from the list.

4. Scroll down and click on Add source.

5. Now, click on <None

6. Type this URL in the box: and click OK.

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7. Now, type: Turkrepo or just name it however you want and click OK.

8. Go back to Kodi’s home screen and select Add-ons from the list.

9. From the top left part of the screen select the Box icon

10. Then, select Install from zip file.

11.  Now, select Turkrepo or however you named the Source in the Step 7.

12. Now, select the zip file:, wait till it installs, you should get a notification on the top right when it finishes.

13. Then choose Install from repository

14. Scroll down and choose the repository called UK Turk add-on.

15. In the repository folder click on UK Turk Playlist.

16. Then, click Install.

17. The Addon should start installing on Kodi, again wait till the Installed notification appears at the top right part of the screen.

How to Watch Box Nation on Kodi through Uk Turk Addon:

Follow below steps to watch Box Nation using Uk Turk addon.

1. From Kodi’s home screen, navigate to Addons > Video and select UK Turk Playlist.

2. Inside, select the Sports category.

3. Then scroll down and click on Box Nation.

4. After that you’ll get a list of sources, so just try one that works.

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5. After that, it should start to stream, as shown below.

That’s all on How to Watch BoxNation using Uk Turk Playlist addon.

How to install Zem TV addon to Watch BoxNation channel

Here is a Simple Guide on How to Install Zem TV addon to watch BoxNation.

1. Launch Kodi and select the Gear icon at the top left of your home screen.

2. Select File Manager.

3. Now, click on Add source.

4. Inside the box type: and click OK.

5. Give it a name and click OK. (remember it, we’ll need it later)

6. Now, go back to the home screen and choose Add-ons.

7. Then, select the Box icon from the left top part of the screen.

8. Now, select Install from zip file.

9. Then, find the Source we added in the 5 Step.

10. Inside, choose the Krypton folder.

11. Then, select the folder called All.

12. Now, select the zip file 

13. Wait till it installs, you’ll get an Installed notification in the top right part of the screen

14. Then, select install from repository folder.

15. Now, scroll down and select super repo All[Krypton] of version 7 [v7].

16. Inside, scroll down and select video add-ons.

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17. Then, from the list of video add-ons select “Zem”

18. Finally, click Install and wait till you get the Installed Notification at the top right part of the screen

That’s all, now we have Zem Tv addon on Kodi.

Here is How to watch BoxNation channel in Zem TV addon

1. First, go to Addons->Video Addons and select Zem TV.

2. Then, select Sports category

3. Now, scroll down and select PTV Sports folder.

4. Then, from the list of channels, select Box Nation.

5. Finally, your Box nation is streaming on Kodi.

These are the Steps to watch BoxNation on Kodi. In case that you have any problems, leave a comment below.

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