How to watch BT sports on Kodi

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Update: Unfortunately Cypher repository’s website was suspended. Try other popular add-ons till developers come with a solution.

BTsports is a great sports channel based out of United Kingdom for watching live sports action, UK live shows, sport events directly through streaming. If you wish to watch BT Sports on Kodi then Project Cypher’s Addon is best recommended.

How to watch BT sports on kodi?

To Watch BT Sports on Kodi we’ll need to install a Free Add-on that contains all the streaming sources and updates them daily, named: Project Cypher.

How To Install Project Cypher add-on on Kodi

  1. From Kodi’s Home screen > Click on the gear icon on the top left corner

2. Select “File manager” option right below the profile icon.

3. Double click on the “Add source” option and proceed to the next screen.

4. In add file source section click on “<NONE>”.

5. Enter the URL in the BOX: and press OK

6. Now Give it a name and click OK. After you filled both boxes, press OK and get back to Kodi’s home screen.

7. Navigate to Add-ons, from the left menu

8. Click the Box icon on the top left corner 

9. Click “install from zip file” option.

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10. Select the name you wrote in the 6’th step

11. select “” 

12. Wait for the popup notification to appear in the top-right corner

13. Now click on the install from repository option.

14. Select cyphers locker icon the list

15. Choose video add-ons option.

16. Select project cypher option and again wait for the popup notification in the top-right corner.

17. Now click Install and wait for the add-on to get installed. 

18. At the end you’ll get another popup notification in the top-right corner

19. That’s all. Now to watch BT Sports, just find the add-on on Kodi’s home screen > Add-ons section >Project Cypher

20. Inside you’ll find various sections like: cypher imdb movies, imdb tv shows, kids centre, cypher IPTV channels, Live world CCTV, cypher concerts, and more. Clicking on Cypher IPTV channels  you’ll access live sports from BT Sports and other UK/US channels.

That’s all about How to Watch BT Sports on Kodi with the help of Project Cypher. If you face any issues, let us know via comments.

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